I have a couple of friends of mine who perform together as a duo known as The Bachelor and the Bad Actress. They’ve been performing together for quite a while and they have an interesting repertoire that you can listen to right here.

A few weeks ago they posted on Facebook that they were shooting a music video for their latest song at the New Deal Cafe and they wanted as many people to come out and be a part of it as possible. The song is called “Be a Believer” and it’s a tune that’s encouraging people to vote for Bernie Sanders. (I know that many states have already have their primary elections. I live in a state that has its primary scheduled for April 26 this year.) So they shot the music video and they recently released it online.

Not long after its release Mashable.com featured that video along with a few other pro-Bernie Sanders music videos in this article. Then Fox News featured that same video in the first two minutes of this eight-minute video that someone posted on YouTube. The female host, Kennedy, is hysterical as she goes out of her way to paint everyone in this video as being crazy, naive, and delusional who are backing a totally lost cause. I remember Kennedy back in the day when she was a mediocre VJ on MTV (back when that channel actually used to play music videos instead of the really godawful reality shows that it now features) who used to brag about still being a virgin in her 20’s. Seeing Kennedy openly snark on a video that I appeared briefly in is definitely the most surreal blast from the past that I’ve ever had in my life.

It’s pretty cool to be in a music video that is starting to gain traction online. I had a blast making the video. I even took a few behind the scenes photos during the shooting of that video.








The next two photos show what it was like to be on stage with bright lights shining in all of our eyes.



Here’s a rare selfie of me wearing a flying pig hat. We were told to dress festively so I looked through my drawers where I found this hat, which I purchased when I was a vendor for the Pigtown Festival in Baltimore way back in 2010. (The table next to mine were selling flying pig hats for $10 and I ended up buying one on impulse.) Basically you pull on the strings dangling from the pig hat in order to flap the pig’s wings.


Anyway here’s the video for “Be a Believer” by The Bachelor and The Bad Actress. You can see me wearing the flying pig hat and a blue sweatshirt on the far right hand side of the stage at the 7 second, 46 second, and 56 second marks.

(There was more footage shot of me with a couple of other people as we danced on stage and I flapped the flying pig hat’s wings but it was left on the cutting room floor. I’m still happy with the result nonetheless.)

Once more, here’s the link to the Mashable article that features this video along with other similar ones.

Here’s the video of Kennedy openly snarking on “Be a Believer” that is totally over the top. (Her looney rant kicks off the first two minutes of this eight-minute video.) One warning: You may not want to have anything in your mouth while watching this because there’s a chance that you’ll laugh so hard at Kennedy’s crazy rant that your computer/mobile screen will be covered in food and/or drink.

The only consolation about that above clip is that I doubt many people have actually watched the show that Kennedy’s rant appeared on. I know I didn’t. The only reason why I knew about its existence is because someone on Facebook saw it and started to post about it. That’s because, like the other cable news outlets, Fox News’ core audiences have shrunk despite increasing profits due to ad revenue. Basically Kennedy is blathering into a void where people aren’t even caring enough to tune into Fox News so her career continues from being a mediocre MTV VJ with a lot of viewers between 12-34 to being a mediocre Fox News commentator with fewer viewers (and the majority of them are over 60). If it weren’t for the fact that MTV prefers airing awful reality shows to actually playing music videos these days, I would tell Kennedy that she should stick with being a VJ.