Recently I attended the annual Women’s Retreat that’s held at my Unitarian Universalist congregation. It’s usually a relaxing time for me as I get to socialize with my fellow female members and take some awesome workshops. This year I took a workshop on Johrei and it involved flower arrangement as part of the workshop. I created this tiny posey of flowers for myself.




I went to the retreat on a very cold, grey day. (It was so cold that I had to wear my winter coat outside.) During the Johrei workshop I had a brief healing ritual done on me and the sun happened to peek from behind the clouds during that ritual because I saw faint beams of sunlight come in. The sun soon faded behind the clouds. What a cool coincidence!

I brought my small sketchbook along with some pens with me to the retreat. During some downtime I looked out the window over to the wooded area that’s on the church property and I did this quick sketch.