This year there have been more changes in my life and it’s only March. During the first week in January I received an e-mail from the mailing list for my separated/divorced persons support group announcing that the woman who had served as the discussion leader for each week’s meeting had abruptly decided to leave the organization. I don’t know what happened. I went to the weekly meeting after that e-mail was sent and the only further detail I got was that she had worked for the organization for nine years. (The organization itself was originally founded in the early 1970’s so a number of discussion leaders had come and gone before the last one was originally hired.)

Ironically I had been cutting back on going to the weekly group meetings in recent months because I realized that there were certain topics that were repeated and, while they were useful for newer attendees, I didn’t need to sit through a certain topic for the third or fourth time. Basically I only went if there was a topic that I was less familiar with so, as a result, my attendance had fallen to around once or twice a month. But I’m still sorry to see the discussion leader go because I really appreciated her advice during the difficult early days after my husband abruptly ran away from home. The only other thing I’ll say is that I wish her well for whatever future endeavor she does.

The group is currently having guest speakers at the weekly meetings while interviewing her replacement. (I went to a meeting last night where I learned that the Board of Directors have whittled down the potential number of replacement candidates to three.) I’ll probably attend those meetings when the replacement candidates do their test run to see if the job fits one of them.

In the meantime that same support group is currently running an off-shoot program where a group of us is meeting on Monday nights for a book discussion. The book in question is the first one Dr. Phil ever wrote back in the days when he was just a weekly guest on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. The Monday book discussion is another reason why I haven’t attended as many of the usual Thursday night meetings because there are times when I can only mentally handle these types of meetings once a week at the most.

Then there is my day job situation. Last December I mentioned having to jettison this teaching job that could’ve been interesting if it weren’t for the fact that the organization behind that job was so incredibly dysfunctional that I wanted out as soon as I could (and the fact that I was paid just under $6 an hour didn’t improve my low attitude towards them at all). The day after that teaching job ended I interviewed with another company where I would telecommute from home while transcribing various recordings. I passed the initial test and I did okay with the first assignment that I did while telecommuting from home. But then things started going downhill very fast when my contact abruptly went from loving my work to suddenly making me feel like I was totally incompetent. I did the best I could by reading the manual and checking and re-checking everything but, no matter what I did, it wasn’t enough. By the third assignment I was informed that my services would be no longer needed. Basically I was dealing with a bipolar company that was just as dysfunctional in its own way as the organization behind that teaching job.

The only silver lining is that, thanks to the initial job interview being held in Germantown, Maryland, I was able to check out a couple of attractions that were mentioned on the Roadside America website. Both were the kind of attractions that are worth going to only if you’re going to be in the Germantown area anyway but they are not the ones that are worth going out of your way to visit.

In the meantime, while trying to decide what to do with my life next, I’m working on a project. I’m sure that many of you have seen the proliferation of adult coloring books that have become such a big business that they have literally flooded the market—both online and in real life. I’ve seen artists whom I follow on Facebook show off their own adult coloring books that they’ve created. Heck, I even took a stab of coloring a couple of pages from an adult coloring book myself at an art reception back in January.

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

I’ve toyed around with making one of my own for a while but I wanted something that’s unique. I can’t do one based on Zentangle-style patterns because there are already similar books on the market. Ditto for animals and fantasy figures. I’ve even seen one based on Harry Potter. Someone did a pretty adult coloring book that’s built around swear words, which briefly went viral and have inspired a whole lot of copycats.

But then I went through my old sketchbooks and I have an idea. But I’m not going to go into too many details yet because I want to deter copycats until after my adult coloring book is released. Yesterday I finished the first page and I’m going to do a total of 10 pages. I’ll price it low enough so that even a broke person can afford to buy it. If and when I finish it I’ll let you know. 🙂