I was going through my Flickr account and I recently found the first album I’ve ever uploaded. Here’s the background: I was selected as a vendor for the 2007 Crafty Bastards event that was held in Adams-Morgan in Washington DC for the second year in a row. (The first year I was selected to participate was in 2006.) When I went to a planning meeting a few weeks before the show, the organizers asked us vendors to get accounts on Flickr so we could have a place to share our photos online. I did so and I brought my Canon Digital Rebel DSLR (which was my primary camera in those days) with me so I could take a few photos.

The first photo is my vending area. The man sitting behind the table is my then-husband, who was a great help to me on that day. (Obviously these pictures were taken in happier times.)


I basically sold polymer clay necklaces, polymer clay boxes, photojewelry with my small photos being placed in polymer clay frames, magnets made from my own photographs, and fairy dolls made from recycled Barbie and Ken dolls that I found in various thrift stores.






Here’s another photo of my then-husband sitting behind the table filled with my handcrafted merchandise.






My husband and I took turns with taking breaks so that someone was always in the vending area. I took a few photos of the event in general during my short breaks (which were mainly the times when I went to the bathroom or went to buy a soda or a snack).




It was a good show for me. The refurbished Barbie fairy dolls were the biggest sellers for me. The other non-doll inventory was a bust though. Otherwise I was okay with how that show turned out for me.

The 2007 Crafty Bastards show was the last Crafty Bastards show I took part in as a vendor. In 2008 I had hip problems that were so bad that I barely walked so I decided not to try out for that show. (I had a hip replacement that year.) In 2009 and thereafter I was rejected for that show and I found out the reason. Crafty Bastards originally was an event that showcased local artisans and crafters. In recent years that show began to provide space to vendors from outside the Baltimore-Washington, DC area (I’ve seen vendors at the last Crafty Bastards show come from as far away as New York City and Atlanta) at the expense of local vendors.

Sometimes I have a fantasy of starting my own annual craft show that would harken to the earlier Crafty Bastard shows in that local artisans from the Baltimore-Washington, DC area would be given top priority while vendors from outside the area would only be given space if there was any left. But starting a show like Crafty Bastards would require money, volunteers, organization, and space and I don’t even know where to begin. Besides I’m financially struggling too much right now to even consider making my fantasy a reality. But one can dream, right?