I’ve just learned that former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died. I definitely remember her from my youth. She made her mark for making “Just Say No” regarding drugs the catchphrase that continues to this day. (Heck, I even used it myself to end this rant about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump I posted last week.)

Here’s a vintage anti-drug ad where Nancy Reagan reads a letter from a kid who supposedly was pressured into using drugs to his detriment.

Here’s another vintage anti-drug ad featuring Nancy Reagan and Clint Eastwood.

While she basically had good intentions, I also remember when the Reagan Administration cut funding to drug treatment centers while increasing funding to cops and the Drug Enforcement Agency, which resulting in addicts being sent to prison. To me, drug addiction is a disease like diabetes and cancer. No one would advocate sending someone to prison for coming down with lung cancer from chain-smoking cigarettes for many years yet people advocated the same to someone who had an addiction to heroin or cocaine. It’s ludicrous and so was Nancy Reagan’s simple message that just saying no to drugs would stop drug abuse.

People who are drug addicts should be given medical treatment not prison. (The only exception I would make is an addict who commits an actual crime like armed robbery and that’s on the basis of the armed robbery charge, not drug addiction.)

Yes, Nancy Reagan made her mark alright. Here’s art from a vintage pinball machine that I saw during a visit to Crabtowne USA in Glen Burnie, Maryland last September.