I attended the first of a series of once a month socials that are being held at ReCreative Spaces in Mount Rainier, Maryland. The idea is to do some creative projects while getting to chance to meet and socialize with other people. When I first arrived I saw this lovely quote on the wall that I decided to photograph.

A Lovely Quote

The art of Arthur Kwon Lee was still on the wall. (I had attended an opening for that exhibit back in January.)

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

ReCreative Spaces, January 8 2015

The theme for this month’s social was making collages. The social drew a small amount of people but all of us were enthusiastically making collages.

Collage Making

The featured artist for this social was a collage artist names Joseph Nicolia, who brought much of his own supplies to the event for others to make their own collages. The next photo shows some of the collages that he has created.

The Art of Joseph Nicolia

The last photo shows the collage I did, which I titled Surreal Flight. It’s the size of a postcard.