Last year there was an attempt by Makerspace 125 to have a series of drop-in art workshops that were mostly held on Sunday afternoons a few times per month. For some reason Makerspace 125 decided to cancel most of them (some of the workshops I went to drew quite around eight to ten people while others I attended drew maybe two or three people at most). The last drop-in Sunday afternoon art workshop was a watercolor one that was held in December, 2015. I began my latest watercolor there but I still wasn’t finished when the workshop ended. So I took it home with the intention of working on it some more.

Except I got diverted by the Christmas holiday season as well as other things that happened. As a result I didn’t put the finishing touches on this watercolor until last week.

I based this watercolor on this sunset photo of Lake Artemesia that I took last November.


Here is my watercolor rendition based on that photo.