Way back in January I went on Jury Duty for the day. I even ended up with this receipt of my service.


Yesterday I received this summons to go on Jury Duty again. The date of this new requited service is April 4, 2016.


I remember each time I went on Jury Duty I had to undergo Orientation and I was always told to save all receipts just in case I get a new summons mailed to me by mistake soon after my service. Today I had to make a photocopy of my receipt, fill out the enclosed questionnaire, then mail the whole shebang in. I hope this will be enough for the court system to leave me alone. I know I’m popular and desirable but this is ridiculous. (LOL!) Had the juror pay been way higher than $15 a day, I may have been tempted to go ahead and just serve another day of Jury Duty in April. (LOL!) But, really, $15 a day isn’t enough for me to even consider that. Sure I could do some sketching in the Jury Lounge but I’ve been there, done that, and I have the drawing I did in January to prove it.


It seems like the local court system loves me or something because 2016 isn’t the first year I’ve served Jury Duty. Here’s my receipt from a previous service in 2009.


And 2006.


And 2004 (which was the year when I called the telephone hotline the night before and found that my group number didn’t have to show up for Jury Duty).


And 1998.


I wish there were some way that an average citizen can be permanently excused once he/she has served a certain number of times in his/her life. Because I would definitely ask for it. Right now I have to wait until I hit 70 before I can ask to be permanently excused and I have a pretty long wait for that birthday. Ugh!