The more I read about the elections, the more I’m becoming alarmed. Last year I was concerned about how the mainstream media seemed to be gunning for a re-match of the 1992 U.S. Presidential Elections with the candidates being Jeb Bush (the son and brother of two former presidents) and Hillary Clinton (the wife of a former president). While I was happy when Jeb Bush dropped out of the race, I was less than happy with the reason: Donald Trump is making inroads among Republican voters by catering to outright fascism.

Now the mainstream media is hyping this campaign as boiling down to just Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump despite the fact that there are other people who are still running in the primaries. (I could write a separate post on how the mainstream media has drifted from its original intention of providing all the facts in an objective manner to being actual cheerleaders for certain candidates to the detriment of democracy but I won’t right now because this rant could easily go up to 50 paragraphs or more.)

This has made me adamant that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to be stopped at the primary level before it’s too late.

Why does Donald Trump need to be stopped? I already wrote plenty in my previous rant about how dangerous his brand of fascist buffoonery is to the future of this country. Here’s a recent example: The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups are currently mobilizing support for Donald Trump and Trump has said or done nothing to disavow himself from that support, which I find very telling about his character (or lack thereof).

This situation with Trump currently being in the lead in the primaries have led to some top leaders of the Republican Party doing anything possible to stop him.

Why does Hillary Clinton need to be stopped? Last year I wrote about the dangers of nepotism and how it limits other bright people from even considering running for public office simply because they weren’t born or married into the Bush or Clinton families. The vibes I get from her campaign is that she’s entitled to become the first woman president simply because she’s a woman and she is married to an ex-president rather than based on any political issue that she has taken a stand on.

Then there are her close ties to Wall Street and major corporations (yesterday it was announced that Hillary Clinton had received a huge donation from Walmart heiress Alice Walton) and her willingness to say or do whatever it takes to become the first woman president because it seems to be her only ambition. The late political blogger Steve Gilliard wrote about this back in 2007 and nothing she has said or done has changed that perception since.

I’ve already written about my memories of the Bill Clinton Administration last year so the only thing I’m going to say is that her husband pretended to be such a champion of the average American only to champion NAFTA, which has shipped thousands of well paying jobs to Third World countries and has impacted the middle class in the U.S. His wife is playing that same game where she’s pretending that she’s a great feminist progressive while her past is literally starting to catch up with her.

Here’s a recent example of Hillary Clinton’s past starting to bite her in the ass. A Black Lives Matter protester confronts Hillary Clinton at a $500-per-person event in South Carolina over a quote she made in 1996 where she said about at-risk youth, “We have to bring them to heel.”

On top of it, I refuse to vote for a woman simply because she is a woman and I’m totally turned off by those messages that seem to imply that if I don’t vote for a woman I am a self-hating sexist female. If voting for women simply because they are women was my top priority, I would’ve voted for John McCain back in 2008 because Sarah Palin would’ve been the first woman vice president.

I’m dismayed at the number of prominent people who have decided to support Hillary Clinton. This article shows the disconnect between what Hillary Clinton has said on various issues and the stands of her most ardent supporters, especially with the unions. (One example, the SEIU has called for a $15 per hour minimum wage while Hillary Clinton feels that the minimum wage should be no higher than $12. Ironically Bernie Sanders, who has long supported unions, favors a $15 per hour minimum wage yet the SEIU is siding with Hillary Clinton.)

Right now I’m witnessing the implosion of both the Democrat and Republican parties and I feel sad that it has come to this. One of my Facebook friends has announced that she has changed her affiliation from Democrat to Republican just so she can vote against Trump in the primaries. I understand where she’s coming from but I’m taking a different step by doing all I can to support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. That’s because if you look at this map, based on a few polls, showing the difference between a Trump vs. Clinton matchup and a Trump vs. Sanders matchup, it’s obvious that Sanders has a better chance of defeating Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton.

On top of it, Senator Sanders has experience that goes back several years. Just taking a look at the issues he stands on makes him far more impressive than Hillary Clinton.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump is dangerous to the future of this nation. While Hillary Clinton may be marginally better than Donald Trump, I don’t think she’ll do anything to help the poor and middle class of this country and this country will continue its long 30+ year slide into becoming an impoverished Third World country. On top of it, she definitely has warmongering tendencies and she’s a big fan of Henry Kissinger. I can easily imagine that she would be more focused on starting expensive wars somewhere in the world than on any domestic programs that will turn around this country’s bleak anemic economy. As this one blog post puts it succinctly, Bernie Sanders Has Earned His Success. Hillary Clinton Embodies White Privilege.

In addition, there is a lot of hatred for her in DC, especially among Republicans. I know that a lot of it is based on old-fashioned sexism but whatever the reasons (and a lot of them are pretty complex and complicated), there are Republicans who hate her so much that they are willing to do anything to destroy her, even if it severely harm the U.S. in the long run. Don’t believe me? There is at least one Republican congressman who is already floating around the idea of impeaching Hillary Clinton and she hasn’t even secured the Democratic nomination yet, let alone being elected president. There’s even a plan to impeach her on her first day in office. Given the problems that the U.S. is going through, I want a leader who isn’t going to be forced to spend the majority of his/her time fighting all impeachment attempts.

Of course that’s not to mention what Former President Bill Clinton would do as the First Gentleman. I can easily imagine him getting into yet another sex scandal that would be totally distracting to say the least. He’s done it before so he could easily do it again.

So my immediate strategy is to make sure that Hillary Clinton gets knocked out of the primaries then make sure that Donald Trump never gets anywhere near the Oval Office. But I’m only one person. If everyone who reads this post would do the same, then there’s a chance that the United States of America as we know it can still survive.

I know some people reading this will be annoyed that I’m lumping Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump together as equally bad for our country. I know that Hillary Clinton is marginally better than Donald Trump (note I said marginally better) but I can’t ignore those persistent rumors that Trump is running a fake campaign in an effort to elect Hillary Clinton because those rumors, if they are true, strike me as problematic. I partially believe it because there are those photos of Trump with his wife, Melania, socializing with the Clintons and photos of Donald Trump playing golf with Bill Clinton. What’s more there’s a history of sleazy behavior on behalf of both Trump and the Clintons. But I partially don’t believe it mainly because Trump has always struck me as someone who only does something for someone else if it would directly benefit him. It’s possible he’s doing this fake campaign in exchange for a cabinet position in a Hillary Clinton Administration or getting huge tax breaks. On the other hand, it’s equally possible that he’s doing it on his own volition with no prodding from anyone because he has long been an attention whore and, for him, becoming president is the perfect way to stroke his huge oversized ego.

It’s like I believe it yet I don’t believe it. But I’m still lumping those two together as being bad for the future of this country as a precaution in case those persistent rumors turn out to be fact and Trump is running a fake campaign in order to help Hillary Clinton.

Just say “NO” to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.