Valentine's Day

The last few days it has been bitter cold. Right now, as I’m typing this, it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit. And there’s snow and ice in the forecast that could start sometime after 8:30 p.m. I looked over a few Valentine entries from the last few years and this is the third Valentine’s Day in a row where the weather has either been very cold, provided lots of snow and ice, or both.

I spent the bulk of Valentine’s Day weekend at church mainly because the holiday fell on a Sunday this year. I was at church yesterday for a Valentine’s dance party where I danced and socialized with fellow church members. This morning I went to Sunday service then I stayed a little while longer because someone from the church’s community English instruction program (where members of the congregation teach English to recent immigrants who live in the local community) were short one teacher (who called in sick) and I stepped in to help the other teacher.

Now I’m just relaxing. I have a few Valentine-related pictures to show here for today.

One of my Facebook friends is a burlesque performer known as Reverend Valentine. She runs the DC chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School and I even drew her as a model once when she posed for the Baltimore Dr. Sketchy’s chapter a year ago. A few days ago I learned via Facebook about the origin of her name when it was on a list of friends with upcoming birthdays and it happens to be today. It has also been a few days since I last drew anything in what’s supposed to be my daily sketchbook (although it’s more like a few times a week sketchbook mainly because I get diverted by other creative projects that I’m currently working on so I can only squeeze in daily sketches something like once every few days). I remember she has a thing for dinosaurs so I drew this crazy scenario in my sketch book on what if Reverend Valentine had been born (or should I say hatched?) as a dinosaur in the Jurassic Era. Here’s the result.


I’m basically enjoying a quite Valentine’s Day tonight in my home, which is frigid despite having all the heaters going because the temperature has dipped to the low 20’s. (My home was originally built during the Great Depression back when the winters were mild and there was no such thing as climate change.) This afternoon I purchased this cute Valentine’s item from CVS.



It’s a ceramic goblet shaped like C-3PO from the Star Wars movies that’s filled with a bag of Valentine conversation hearts candy. It looked off-beat yet cute and it only cost $12 so I went for it. I’ll eventually eat the candy over time. This is so reminiscent of last year when I purchased these two romantic Valentine-themed plushies that consisted of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper and they both held tiny felt roses and a small bag of conversation hearts candy (the latter was for human consumption).

A few weeks ago I purchased this chocolate bar on impulse but I put it away in the freezer until after dinner tonight. It’s a Diva bar and it’s really cute (plus the chocolate tasted pretty good).