Last week, while writing about the deaths of two former members of the Jefferson Airplane who happened to die on the same day, I wrote that it looks like we are going to see an avalanche of longtime music stars dying. Sadly I was proven right once again this week with the death of Maurice White, the founder of Earth, Wind & Fire.

The music of Earth, Wind & Fire was frequently played on the Top 40 radio stations when I was growing up. In fact I heard so much of their music on the radio that I never bothered buying any of their albums. In recent years, when I started buying dancing video games in the Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance series, many of those games included some of Earth, Wind & Fire’s music and I began to appreciate their music in earnest.

Earth, Wind & Fire was one of the better bands to have emerged during the popularity of soul, funk, and disco music in the 1970’s. They were the kind of band you listened to if you were in the mood to dance or just clear your head. Here are just a few of their songs I remember from my youth.