Before the Barbie doll even existed there was Lilli, a German doll that was originally marketed as a sexy novelty item for men.

And speaking of Barbie, Mattel is about to roll out a new line of Barbies that are different from the big bust, tiny waist blonde that we’ve all gotten used to over the years. Some will be more petite, some will be taller, and some will be curvier. In addition, there will be Barbies with different skin colors, hair colors, and eye colors. Here’s a sneak peek of these new dolls. What’s more, this radical change in the Barbie line has resulted in the doll being on the cover of the latest issue of Time magazine.

Want to provide something unusual for your Super Bowl party next week? Here’s a recipe for making Bacon-Chocolate Shot Glasses, which you can fill with the beverage of your choice.

Someone did a stop-motion remake of the first level of the original 1980’s classic video game Super Mario Bros. that was done completely in cake. If you’re wondering how they did that, here’s a separate “making of” video.