With all the deaths of famous people that have been happening on a regular basis since December, it looks like we’ll going to see an avalanche of longtime music stars dying in their 60’s and 70’s. The latest person to die is Paul Kantner, the founder of both the Jefferson Airplane and the Jefferson Starship.

I listened to both the Airplane and Starship’s music on the radio when I was growing up. Here are a few songs that I personally like from both Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.





UPDATE (January 31, 2016): Ironically Paul Kanter’s former bandmate in the Jefferson Airplane died on the same day that he did but her death didn’t become public knowledge until today. Her name was Signe Toly Anderson and she was the original female singer with the band until she had her first child and she decided that she’d rather spend time with her new baby than pursue her music career. (She was subsequently replaced by Grace Slick.) She performed only on the band’s debut album, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, which featured this song that she sang lead on called “Chauffeur Blues.”