I think my New Year’s resolution of churning out one sketch a day was a bit too ambitious for me. I’ve decided to modify that resolution by only doing a new drawing in my sketchbook if I’m not working on anything else that’s creative on a certain day. So far this modified approach is working better for me than having to force myself to churn out one new sketch every single day.

First is this two-page spread dedicated to the recent death of David Bowie. The drawing of Bowie is based on this photo that I found posted on this site. As for the lyrics on the side, they came from the song “Station to Station”, which you can see a video featuring a live performance of that song right here.


I usually don’t two page spreads in my sketchbook but I not only felt that David Bowie was an important enough person to warrant such a tribute but the design helped solved a problem that I encountered when I did the Ptolemy Stone sketch that I wrote about last week. What I didn’t mention in that prior entry that something unexpected happened when I did the Ptolemy Stone using markers instead of ball-point pens (like I used in the previous drawings). Basically the ink from the markers bled through to the other side. Fortunately I didn’t have a sketch already drawn on the other side. It was kind of a bummer because I’ve been putting drawings on both sides of a page in my sketchbook so I had a page with one side being unusable unless I thought of a design that could cover up the ink bleeds. Doing that two-page spread solved that problem. I drew Bowie as facing the light that’s not unlike the numerous testimonies of many near-death experiences that have been documented in books like Life After Life.

For the other drawings I did this week I turned to Rory’s Story Cubes for inspiration. I used the original set where I saw two cubes that had pictures of a person in a parachute and fire. So I did this twisted drawing.


For this drawing I decided to try using the Enchanted Mix-In instead of the main set, which inspired me to do this fantasy drawing.