Martin Luther King Day

Nearly one year ago I wrote a rant (along with providing pictures) on why I rarely visit a bookstore like Barnes & Noble. That post briefly received attention from other blogs, which resulted in more visits to this blog than usual. I hadn’t been back at Barnes & Noble since I wrote that post until recently.

I was searching for a certain book because I had wanted to take part in a book discussion group that members of my support group for people who are separated or divorced decided to try as a separate program from the usual Thursday night support group meetings. I didn’t find the book I wanted to buy (I ultimately had to resort to purchasing it online through Powell’s Books) but I found something else that one would not expect to find in a bookstore of all places.

Would you associate with a store that calls itself “Barnes & Noble Booksellers” with selling 3-D printers? I wouldn’t myself so imagine my surprise when I found this printer on display.



The next photo shows the sign for the printer. It’s a da Vinci Jr. printer from XYZprinting and it retails for $349.95. Having seen it in person, I can say that, compared to other printers of its ilk, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. But the price is pretty steep for something that churns out small sculptures and toys.


It’s still easier to find a vinyl figure, a jigsaw puzzle, or a board game at Barnes & Noble than a book since non-books still outnumber books in each of the different stores that I have visited over the past few years. The next two photos prove it. If I didn’t mention in this post where these photos were take, you probably would’ve concluded that I took them in a toy store or novelty shop.



In a way maybe it was a blessing that I didn’t find the book that I was looking for because Barnes & Noble still pushes that $25 per year membership, which is pretty crappy considering that the online booksellers offer lower prices without pushing any kind of pricey membership.