A few days ago I wrote a post about David Bowie, who passed away earlier this week from cancer at the age of 69. I mentioned that I only had the privilege of seeing him in concert just once. At the time he was touring in support of his then-latest album, Let’s Dance. I mentioned how it was among the more memorable concerts that I have ever been to.

I went to the concert with two other people—one was one of my housemates and the other was my then-boyfriend who later became my ex-husband. The three of us drove to the since-demolished Capital Center in Landover, Maryland (which was famously featured in the cult documentary classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot) in my boyfriend’s car (who was the only one among us who had a car at the time). I remember when we drove down the Capital Beltway and we saw an exit sign leading to the town of Bowie, Maryland and we started to make jokes about being close to David.

A couple of days ago I was going through some old things when I came across this.

David Bowie Serious Moonlight 1983 Pin

It was a pin that has his name and the words “Serious Moonlight Tour ’83” with an interesting illustration of David Bowie dancing under a crescent moon. I picked it up as a souvenir of that concert that very night. I remember that I purchased it before the show began because I wanted a souvenir that I could wear to my college classes the next day. The only thing was that the t-shirts and sweatshirts were very expensive and I was a typical cash-strapped college student. So I ended up purchasing the pin instead because it was cheaper. I wore it a few times but I always took great care to put it back on the paper backing when I was done wearing it. I couldn’t bear to toss the paper backing because it looked so cool.

Even though the pin is small, I’m glad I bought it instead of a t-shirt because clothes tend to fade and fall apart after a while. This pin has held up because it’s made of metal and I went through great effort to keep it in as pristine condition as possible. In addition, this pin is easy to store (in fact I found it in a small box along with other rock pins and buttons that I’ve purchased over the years).

A couple of days ago I found a clip on YouTube of David Bowie doing a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “White Light/White Heat” that was shot during that same tour but at a different venue. Someone had compiled a playlist that consists entirely of David Bowie performing different songs at various venues on that same tour. I’m glad I found that playlist because it’s very hard to tell people who weren’t there how wonderful David Bowie was in concert. I can not only post that playlist in this blog but I can also watch it myself and relive that awesome night that I saw David Bowie live my one and only time. He played a mix of new tracks off of Let’s Dance and his older well-known songs and he was superb the entire time. Now that he’s gone, I find myself regretting that I didn’t try to see him in concert more than once. Oh well. At least I have my pin and this playlist to remember that one David Bowie concert by.

By the way there’s a fundraiser in Bowie’s name that’s currently in effect. Apparently members of the notoriously racist, homophobic, and anti-American Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket Bowie’s funeral wherever and whenever it’s held. In response, the organization Planting Peace has announced a fundraiser that will benefit children who are living with cancer at Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital in David Bowie’s name. Here’s the link in case you want to contribute to this worthwhile cause.