Last week I uploaded a few quick sketches because I had this New Year’s resolution that I would do a quick doodle every day. I’ve started to realize that doing a new sketch every day isn’t realistic because there are days when I’m working on other things and I end up not being able to squeeze any drawing time. So I’m going to modify it by trying for at least twice a week. If I draw more than that, then great! So here are the three sketches I drew over the past seven days.

Once again I turned to Rory’s Story Cubes for inspiration. I got two dice that had a question mark and a drawing of the Janus comedy/tragedy masks. That served as an inspiration for this sketch, which is based on my trepidation about the possibility of getting some work as a paid contractor. (I can’t go into details right now because things haven’t settled. I’m hoping that they do but right now I just don’t know. For the time being I’m still relying on my ex-husband’s alimony payments plus whatever little money I make selling my arts and crafts in order to survive.)


This next drawing was inspired by a recent trip to the campus of Saint John’s College in Annapolis where I saw a large navigational device called a Ptolemy Stone (which is mentioned on the Roadside Attractions website). I took photos of this stone, which I’ll upload at a later date. But here’s the drawing I did entirely in ink along with some information about the Ptolemy Stone (most of which I took from Wikipedia since I have never attended that school as a student).


This last drawing I did immediately after I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (I waited two weeks after the movie was released because I wanted to avoid the crowds. I went on a Tuesday night because one of the local movie theaters in my area have special $5 days on Tuesday that apply to any movie that have been released longer than a week. I really loved this movie. It was on par with the original trilogy that I saw in my youth and it was way superior to those mediocre prequels that George Lucas insisted on unleashing to the general public. I’m glad that Lucas sold the franchise to Disney because the studio gave it to J.J. Abrams who did a tremendous job with it.) I did a quick fan sketch of one of the newer characters, a robot known as BB-8.


That’s it for my latest crop of quick sketches. I’ll try to do some more next week.