Here’s an interesting article on how playing with dolls can unleash a child’s creativity in many different ways.

One of the earliest photographic process was the daguerreotype, which was such a huge hit all over the world that it was the most commonly used technique in photography for many years after it was invented. Here is a review of the then-new form of photography that was originally written in 1840 by none other than Edgar Allan Poe.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the current incident where an anti-U.S. government armed militia (consisting mainly of white men) have taken over a wildlife refuge in Oregon. (If you’re not, you can read this excellent article on The Guardian‘s website, which contains some background information of this current story. Or you can view this hilarious yet informative Taiwanese animation.) The militia have been derided on social media as Y’all Qaeda and Vanilla ISIS. At one point the militia members begged the general public to send snacks to them because, apparently, they didn’t bring enough food with them before they began this armed standoff. There is a Facebook group called Snacks for Y’all Qaeda whose members have been busy churning out hilarious parody memes at a very high rate. There are some incredibly creative memes out there that words alone just can’t describe.

Or if memes aren’t your thing, you can check out some hilarious Oregon Militia Homoerotic Fan Fiction.

UPDATE (January 10, 2015): Cliven Bundy has apparently set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money for this beleaguered sons who are among the Y’all Qaeda militia members currently holed up in Oregon. As of this writing no money has been raised but it has attracted plenty of hilarious comments. Here’s a sample:

Sorry, but I don’t believe in perpetuating a cycle of dependence to abled bodied, big strapping specimens of masculinity who’ve spent all the government checks on guns and ammo. Maybe chewing on a bullet will help to ward off those hunger pangs.

UPDATE 2 (January 10, 2015): The above GoFundMe page has been cancelled just a few hours after I provided the link. Had I known this was going to happen, I would’ve provided a few more choice comments from that page than the above quote.