Santa Claus

In the middle of the historic section of Greenbelt, Maryland is Roosevelt Center, which never used to be decorated very much for the holidays. There is a Festival of Lights, which includes a tree lighting that’s goes on the first Friday in December, but that occasion used to take place at a tree behind City Hall and I never used to bother going there because, based on what others had told me, it usually seemed lame.

It all changed for the recent winter holidays when someone thought that the Festival of Lights tree lighting ceremony should be held in the middle of Roosevelt Center. A special pine tree was planted in a special box and placed in the middle of Roosevelt Center just for the occasion. What’s more the bushes and light poles were strung up with lights in a way that they never were in previous years.

It looked so special that I actually attended the tree lighting ceremony last month. It was a really fun occasion where people gave out free cups of hot chocolate and there was a local orchestra that played Christmas songs and Santa Claus arrived with candy canes for the younger people in attendance. The nearby Greenbelt Theater showed a free screening of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original 1960’s cartoon that was made for television, not that live action feature film remake that starred Jim Carey). I didn’t take any pictures of the festivities, which I regret, because I was busy socializing with my friends and I was enjoying the scenery. I had a lot of people tell me that this was the most memorable Festival of Lights they’ve been to in a long time.

The lights looked so pretty that I wanted to take pictures of them before the holiday season ended. I finally got around to doing so on January 3, which was the last official observance of the holiday season. (New Year’s Day fell on a Friday this year so it turned into a long weekend for a lot of people.) I’m sure that the next time I visit Roosevelt Center the lights will be gone.











Even Makerspace 125 got in on the act by putting up its own version of a Christmas tree near the front window.


Except Makerspace 125’s Christmas tree doesn’t use any kind of tree at all. Instead they used a ladder as a “tree” and they strung lights all around it.