Santa Claus

I spent my New Year’s Eve going to the various shops in Jessup and Savage in search of some post-holiday bargains. I first went to Ollie’s, which is in the same shopping center as that Monster Mini-Golf course (that’s the one with the day-glow painted golf course that’s lit up by blacklight in a darkened room). While I was on my way to Ollie’s I saw this statue that’s located outside the door of a nearby tobacco shop.


After my visit to Ollie’s I drove south on Route 1 until I reached Savage Mill, where I saw this minivan with a Star Wars themed decal on the windshield.


The entrance to Savage Mill have all kinds of statues featuring children at play, most of which I photographed during a previous visit last March. On this visit I noticed that another statue had joined the others, although I suspect that it’s only there for the holiday season. It’s Santa Claus sitting at this desk going over the list of which child was naughty and which child was nice.




I took a few more pictures inside of various Christmas decorations and displays.