Santa Claus

I made a New Year’s resolution that I would try to do something creative each day. I’m making a very concerted effort to jump-start my art career since I’ve been way more lackadaisical about actually making something over the last few years. Instead I’ve been more focused on getting over my hip injury, my divorce, trying to survive financially in a very troubled economy, and other things. I’ve long admired people who claim that they create a new work of art every day because even I don’t have that much discipline. (I tend to be a bit on the perfectionist side and I generally prefer to take up to a week to get something right than to start a new project every single day.)

Of course such discipline can have its drawbacks. Not too long ago I attended a talk by an art curator who said that she once visited an artist who creates one new painting every day. This person had amassed so many canvases that, according to her, there were art stacked up in piles from the floor to the ceiling. There were closets filled with canvases.

I decided that I wouldn’t be quite as dedicated. Instead I purchased a small sketchbook for the purpose of just doing quick sketches a day. These sketches don’t have to be perfect. I’m hoping that maybe I could use one of these rough sketches as an inspiration for a future art project.

So far I’ve had two sketches cranked out. Here’s the one I drew on New Year’s Day.


For this next one, which I drew last night, I was totally stumped. I recently purchased Rory’s Story Cubes so I threw the dice and I did a drawing based on what the dice turned up—a sheep sitting under an apple tree eating an apple while reading a book (The Silence of the Lambs, of course).