Santa Claus

One of my friends who does fused glass jewelry had announced on Facebook that her items were accepted into a pop-up shop that was opened in Annapolis for only a few weeks before Christmas. I decided to wait until the next time I decided to go to my weekly support group meeting for people who are separated or divorced. Since the meetings are held in Crofton, I thought it would be easy to leave early enough so I could take Route 50 East to Annapolis, visit the store where my friend’s fused glass jewelry is on sale, visit Third Eye Comics on the outskirts of Annapolis, then drive Route 50 West to Crofton and attend the meeting.

I found a place to park in a parking garage and it was on a route where I was able to talk past the Governor’s Mansion going to and from the pop-up shop. So the next two pictures of the mansion were taken prior to sunset and at twilight. The Governor’s Mansion looked real nice with the tasteful holiday decorations outside.



The next photo shows the state capital dome as it is usually bathed in lights at night.


I saw a chicken statue riding in the back of this truck, which definitely recalls the time when I wrote about the chicken statues on display in Annapolis a few months ago.


As I was making my way to and from the pop-up shop I took a bunch of pictures of store windows and street decorations. Annapolis looks really lovely at Christmastime.












I found what I thought was the pop-up shop where my friend had her fused glass jewelry on sale. It was known as Here. (yes, the name is spelled with a period at the end) and the store was located on Maryland Avenue just a block away from the state capital.


Here. had all kinds of lovely handmade items available for sale, as you can see in the next few photos.







The only thing was that I couldn’t find my friend’s fused glass jewelry on sale anywhere. I thought it was strange but then I figured that maybe she only gave the store a tiny amount of her inventory and the store sold out of them. When I ran into my friend a few days later, I discovered that I had visited the wrong pop-up shop in Annapolis. Her wares were actually on sale at a different pop-up shop that was run by the Annapolis Arts Alliance. In other words, I goofed. LOL!

Maybe it’s just as well that I goofed because the Here. pop-up shop was only opened until December 12 (although their website seems to hint that they will open another temporary pop-up shop sometime in 2016) while the other pop-up shop will remain open until January 2. So I have another chance to see my friend’s work in that store. Woo-hoo!

So after my visit to the Here. store, I decided to drive to Third Eye Comics for a little bit before driving to my meeting in Crofton. I drove past the Anne Arundel Medical Center, which had this really pretty light display. (Unfortunately this photo doesn’t really do it justice. It looks far more lovely in person.) I have memories of that place because that was where I underwent hip revision surgery back in 2011 and then I had to make weekly trips to the Wound Center in that same hospital because my surgical wounds weren’t healing right. (The Wound Center doctor figured out that my body wouldn’t absorb the internal sutures so it kept the wounds open in order for it to push the sutures through. Kind of similar to the skin pushing a splinter up except I needed professional help in order to get the sutures removed.) It was kind of nice to be able to just drive past the hospital for a change without stopping there.