Santa Claus

I was in Germantown because I was interviewing for a potential side job where I would work remotely from my home via the Internet. I scheduled this interview the day after my previous contracting job ended (which I wrote all about yesterday while I was checking out some nearby off-beat attractions, such as the grave of the famous Jazz Age writer F. Scott Fitzgerald).

Once the job interview ended I decided to check out a couple of places that were mentioned on the Roadside America site mainly because they were both located nearby where I interviewed. I was in the area anyway so figured that I might as well check them out.

First was the Cider Barrel, a roadside cider stand that was built in the 1920’s by a man who owned a small apple orchard. When he went broke in the 1929 stock market crash (which ushered in the Great Depression), a different family took it over and they ran it until 2003. The structure remains even though it has been shuttered since then. Local preservationists are hoping to have it named to the Maryland Historical Trust’s Most Endangered Historical Places list, which they hope would spur someone to reopen it before it is moved elsewhere or torn down.

The Cider Barrel is located in front of what is now an upscale apartment complex known as The Elms at Germantown.



The Cider Barrel can be found right next to the entrance to the apartment complex.


The most notable feature of the Cider Barrel is that it sports a building that’s shaped like a barrel.






Given the location next to the apartment complex and its unique architecture, I think the empty building has a lot of potential. All it needs is an entrepreneur willing to reopen it.

After that visit I decided to check out another roadside attraction of a different sort. Located on the Germantown campus of Montgomery College is a giant water tower that’s made to resemble the planet Earth.



Located across the street is a building that’s not mentioned on the Roadside America site but I felt it was worth a mention because its bright colorful lights literally caught my eye. This one is the Bioscience Education Center and it’s located across the street from that Earth globe water tower. After I finished shooting the previous photos of that Earth water tower, I felt the need to use the bathroom so I went into that building.




After I finished with my brief visit to the women’s restroom, I checked out those bright lights that caught my eye from across the street. The ceiling of the building has a lot of different colored lights that look festive and dazzling.


The lights reflected on the glass windows that lined the second floor.


The lights even reflected off of the floor tiles.