This year is the fifth anniversary of this blog. For the first year I was unsure about how many photos I could actually upload because of the free blogging account has a space limit. So I kept photo uploads limited to just my arts and crafts along with any photographs that I actually exhibited in a show. Over time I learned such things as graphic optimization so I was able to upload more photos that way than I thought I could. So for the rest of the year I’m going to devote Throwback Thursday to photos from previous blog entries (along with links to the original posts) that I should’ve uploaded five years earlier but I didn’t.

Five years ago tomorrow my then-husband and I went to National Harbor to check out this special ice show featuring sculptures based on Dr. Seuss’ classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas book. At the time I wrote about that special Christmas Day trip, I embedded a YouTube video consisting of a slideshow that was shot at the same event by someone else. Here are a few of my photos that I actually shot at that show. The first photo shows the entrance to the show.


Outside the building housing the ice show there were hedges that were shaped like the Grinch complete with clothes.


There was a waiting area where we stood in line after we entered the building. While we waited in line we were treated to special sculptures based on various Dr. Seuss illustrations.



There were also monitors in the waiting area featuring a video showing how Chinese artisans were sent from their native country to the U.S. to sculptures these icy works of art for National Harbor.


Even though my husband and I wore our heavy winter coats to this event, we were given very heavy parkas to wear while we were visiting the event. (The inside temperature was kept at 9 degrees Fahrenheit.) My then-husband and I took pictures of each other wearing these heavy blue parkas.



The next few photos are just a few of the ones I shot on that day. The details on these sculptures were really amazing to see in person.

















In addition to the sculptures featuring the Grinch and the local citizens of Whoville, there was also an icy sliding board for kids that cost extra to use. (Unfortunately I didn’t get a good shot of that one.) The exhibit ended with a Nativity scene completely carved from ice.



Outside the exit doors was this giant Christmas tree made entirely from marshmallow Peeps, which were only made apparent if one saw it close up.



That was my first and, so far, only visit to an ice sculpture show at National Harbor. The following year I was still recuperating from hip surgery while my husband was secretly planning his exit from our marriage. I remember that National Harbor was doing that year’s ice sculpture based on the DreamWorks’ animated feature film Shrek (or was it Madagascar? I don’t remember) so it was no big deal that we didn’t go. National Harbor has a new ice show every year but the last few years didn’t excite me enough to consider going on my own. (And this year was no different. It was based on the animated TV special Santa Claus is Coming to Town, which I remember wasn’t among my favorite annual Christmas holiday specials.) So that’s why I can say that the last time I saw such a show was when I was still married.

I’m posting this online on Christmas Eve, which also holds another hurtful anniversary from me, thanks to my so-called “loving” husband. In 2011, during the three-month period between my hip surgery and Christmas Day, he treated me very well. He took leave from his NASA job to take care of me and he arranged everything for me from the doctor’s appointments to getting various friends to drive me to physical therapy after he had to report back to work. He never indicated he was the slightest bit unhappy and he constantly told me that he loved me. He walked out on me just three days after Christmas on December 28, 2011. I knew that he could file for divorce once the one-year anniversary passed but I thought he would wait until after New Year’s Day, 2013 at the earliest. Imagine my surprise when he sent me a copy of a divorce petition in an e-mail that was dated December 24, 2012. Yep, he did this on Christmas Eve. Adding insult to injury, when I showed this to a lawyer, he told me that it wasn’t a real divorce petition because there was no case number assigned to it. If that’s not something that’s hateful and despicable, I don’t know what is. That incident is one of many reasons why I refuse to speak with him now.

This post marks the last of the ones from 2010 that I wanted to highlight on Throwback Thursdays as part of the fifth anniversary celebration of this blog. Starting in 2011 I started uploading more photos because I learned how to save server space on my blog account by optimizing graphics. Gradually over time I realized that I got more hits if I included at least one photo with my post than just writing straight text alone, which is why this blog tends to be graphics-heavy.

Well, anyway, since tomorrow is Christmas Day, I’ll just end this post by wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas. 🙂