Way back in May I visited a few places in my hometown of Glen Burnie, Maryland that were listed on the Roadside America website. Among them was a structure on someone’s private property that was known as the Tiny Church for Geese. That was because the church, located on an island in the middle of a pond, only went as high as my waist. There was also a bridge leading to that island (I guess for those geese who preferred to walk to the island rather than swim or fly there). Here is what it looked like when I visited it a few months ago.






Both the church and the bridge were located just a few feet away from the main home of the family responsible for this unique structure. I didn’t shoot any photos of the house at the time, which I now regret, because this morning I learned via this thread on Facebook that the house is being torn down in order to make way for a new housing development. There’s a strong chance that the church and bridge will be taken down as well. If it happens, it would be a shame.

In a way I’m not surprised that it’s happening because for far too long the town of Glen Burnie have let the developers have their way with tearing down forests and older buildings so they could build new housing developments or shopping centers (never mind the fact that Glen Burnie has more than enough of both). And nine times out of ten the new housing developments are built with higher income people in mind because they will use expensive building materials so the houses will start with a price of at least $200,000-300,000 so low and middle income people are completely shut out.

The overdevelopment of Glen Burnie has gotten so bad that there are times when I don’t even recognize the town anymore. It goes to show that progress isn’t always so great.