I’m not the kind of person who casually hurls labels like “fascist” or “the new Adolf Hitler” at people whose views I personally disagree with. That’s because I can remember when various Republicans hurled those labels at President Barack Obama simply because he championed health care reform and their Tea Party sympathizers held signs at various protest rallies depicting President Obama with a Hitler mustache and swastikas. (Never mind the historical fact that Adolf Hitler would’ve sent someone like Barack Obama to be gassed at a concentration camp because he had a white American mother and a black Kenyan father.)

I’ve long considered Donald Trump to be a total buffoon. There are his multiple bankruptcies. There are his campy reality shows (The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice) that I used to watch for laughs. (I still remember one episode that took place in the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City where Trump spoke at length about how huge and state of the art it was only to have that hotel file for bankruptcy soon after that episode aired.) There is his amazing feat for tanking an entire sports league. There is also his huge ego. I’ve long thought he was overrated as a business genius and celebrity who has this total knack for attracting media attention even though he doesn’t offer much substance. (There are other real estate developers who are far more successful who get only a fraction of the media attention that Trump gets mainly because they are more focused on doing their day job well than being attention whores in the public eye so the media can report on them.)


While I still have the talking Donald Trump action figure that I originally purchased for my then-husband as a gag gift for Christmas while the second season of The Apprentice was on the air, I began to really loathe The Donald back in 2011 when he flirted with running as a Republican only to decide against running when NBC told him that he couldn’t continue with The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice shows while being a presidential candidate. He blatantly catered to the birthers by saying stuff like “How do we know President Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is real and he wasn’t born in Kenya instead?” It’s one thing to attack a sitting president based on his policy but it’s something else to cater to the conspiracy theorists, many of whom are racist white people who are totally aghast that a person with brown skin is currently in the White House.

It was also around this time that I started reading this poem that I wrote about Trump in late 2011 at local poetry events. I later made a video using that Donald Trump action figure and other dolls I had. Sadly, the words in that poem are just as relevant in 2015 as they were four years ago.

While Trump ultimately decided to continue with his reality show, I stopped watching it entirely because I was so turned off by what he did in that campaign that I could no longer stand watching him every week.

When Donald Trump first ran for public office this year I heard people compare him to Hitler because of his horrible racist rhetoric towards Mexicans. I held off from joining that crowd because, while I think the critics are correct in branding him a racist, I really believe that he would have to stoop way lower before I would give him the fascist label and start comparing him to Hitler. I also didn’t want to be like those Tea Party types who casually hurl the fascist and Hitler labels at someone whose views I simply disagree with.

I initially considered Trump to be such a joke that I even created this graphic that I’m currently selling on t-shirts and other printed stuff in my RedBubble shop.


Over the past few months Donald Trump has campaigned for the president by displaying misogyny, racism, ableism, anti-Semitism, classism, homophobia/transphobia, and xenophobia. Trump even had the gall to insult former POW John McCain while claiming that his years at a private military academy provided him with better military training than what most people get when they join the military. For a while I thought that all of those outrageous statements that he kept on making on a daily basis had all the hallmarks of “LOOK AT ME, I’M AN ATTENTION WHORE!” While those antics proved to me that he’s a despicable human being for whom I would have lost all respect if it weren’t for the fact that I never had any respect for him in the first place, I didn’t feel that they prove that he’s a 21st century Adolf Hitler—until this week.

Donald Trump definitely crossed the line with his call for a total ban on Muslims from entering the U.S. (including even U.S. citizens who happened to be traveling abroad at the time the ban is instituted). What’s worse is that Trump also said that he wouldn’t rule out warrantless searches and ID cards for Muslims living in the U.S.

Okay, now he’s done it. I now consider Donald Trump to be a fascist and a 21st century Adolf Hitler. Those proposals he has for Muslims are way similar to the program that Adolf Hitler outlined for Jews in his book Mein Kampf. The only difference is that Trump hasn’t called for concentration camps—yet. But if he gets elected president, I wouldn’t be surprised if he manages to establish concentration camps because, sadly, the Republican Party seems to be dominated by the extreme right wing whose ideology is a bizarre mix of Fundamentalist Christianity and Ayn Rand’s Objectivism (despite the fact that Ayn Rand was a very staunch atheist).

The only good thing about this is the amount of condemnation that Trump has received. An online petition to ban him from the UK has gained so many signatures that Parliament is set to discuss the issue. The White House has issued a statement saying that Trump’s Muslim policy should disqualify him from even occupying the Oval Office. Trevor Noah called Trump a “White Isis” on The Daily ShowEven Dick Cheney has found Donald Trump too extreme.

Despite all the condemnation, Trump is still among the top Republican contenders. This New York Times headline says it all: Donald Trump Solidifies His Lead, but Leaves Many Nervous. I’m not surprised that Trump is able to keep his followers despite his outrageous statements because I’ve witnessed some of this first-hand. A few weeks ago I had volunteered to do some phone banking for the Bernie Sanders campaign where we went to someone’s home, divided up a list of registered Democratic voters in New Hampshire (which is an early primary state) while using our cell phones to call those voters. We were to identify anyone who would be interested in volunteering for the campaign in that state and, if the person couldn’t or wouldn’t do so, we would encourage them to vote for Bernie in the primary. Most of the numbers we received were either disconnected or went into voice mail. There was one guy I called who actually indicated that he intends to support Donald Trump. I quickly ended that call when he was proclaiming his support of Trump just so I wouldn’t give in to the temptation to say something like “What on Earth could you possibly admire about an attention whoring buffoon like that?”

CNN has a story about some of the people who actually support Trump and the reporter found that these people tend to be far to the right of the Republican Party. He has the support of white supremacists. One Black Lives Matter protester was beaten by Trump’s supporters with Trump himself saying that “maybe he should have been roughed up.” There are so many parallels between Donald Trump’s supporters and Adolf Hitler’s brownshirts that it’s totally alarming.

What’s even worse is that Donald Trump’s nasty rhetoric regarding people who aren’t white heterosexual Christian men is becoming fashionable among certain Republicans. Like this headline says: Sorry, Media, Trump-Style Racism Is Mainstream In Republican Party. Think Progress has a list of equally outrageous quotes from Trump’s Republican competitors. Even a Supreme Count justice has recently said that black scientists would benefit from a “slower” academic track because regular school is just “too advanced” for their inferior minds.

And Trump’s hateful rhetoric is spilling over into other areas as well.

In New York City, a shop owner was savagely beaten Saturday by a stranger promising to “kill Muslims.” In California, a man was playing volleyball and praying in a park on Sunday when a woman accused of him of being a terrorist, struck him and splashed him in the face with coffee. And in Philadelphia, a severed pig’s head was tossed outside of a mosque on Monday.

Here in DC someone sent a letter to the Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR) containing a white powder just a couple of days ago.

But that’s not all. Sikhs in the U.S. are also bearing the brunt of the Islamophobia because the haters assume that they must be Muslims because they are brown-skinned people who wear turbans.

Basically Trump is serving as a role model for uncivil behavior and it could have a potentially damaging impact on the U.S. for years to come—especially in the treatment of anyone who’s not a white Fundamentalist Christian heterosexual man. I find it sad that this crass hateful behavior has become so mainstream in the Republican Party. This is the same party who once championed ending slavery and changing the Constitution to give African Americans the right to vote. While I’ve never been a Republican, I’m old enough to remember when that party was dominated by moderate level-headed people like Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockefeller and their supporters were civil middle of the road types. Now that’s no longer the case. As the last paragraph in this New York Times article makes clear:

He is dangerous, but only because he has enough followers to make him dangerous. Without them, he would be what he has always been: another crass man saying crass things to which few serious people listened.

After all, Adolf Hitler was only able to achieve the slaughter of six million Jews with the help of his numerous like-minded followers who also shared his extreme form of anti-Semitism. Without that help, he would never have gotten as far as he did before the Allies stopped him.

I’ve also heard persistent rumors that Bill Clinton had urged Donald Trump to run as a Republican in a ploy to damage the Republican Party so much that people will ultimately vote Hillary Clinton into the White House. Those rumors are so persistent that even the BBC has done a story on it. It’s an interesting rumor and it’s even plausible given Slick Willie’s past escapades. The only issue I have about this rumor is this: What would Donald Trump gain by running a fake campaign that would ultimately benefit Hillary Clinton? Trump is already wealthy so money wouldn’t necessarily be a lure. It’s not to increase ratings of his reality show because Trump had to give it up when he began his latest campaign. Trump could possibly gain a cabinet position in a Hillary Clinton Administration but the thing is that Trump has alienated so many people with his campaign that appointing him to anything would result in fierce opposition in the Congress and the general public that giving him such a position would be too much trouble. Donald Trump has always struck me as the kind of man who wouldn’t do a favor for others unless he would directly benefit from that favor. So much about that rumor just doesn’t make sense.

If there is hard evidence from less partisan sources (other than the right wing extremists who have long hated the Clintons with a burning passion) that Trump’s campaign is nothing more than a conspiracy that was cooked up by a collaboration between Trump and the Clintons, I will be among those to denounce it. I would not only urge Hillary Clinton to get out of the presidential race, I would even urge a lifetime ban on both Bill and Hillary from ever running for any kind of public office no matter how local or minor that office is. (Including being elected to a local part-time school board/mayor/city council in a small town located in a rural part of the country.)

As for me, there is no way in hell that I will ever accept a modern day Adolf Hitler in the White House. I feel so strongly about this that I’ve decided that I will no longer associate with any of my friends or relatives who express any kind of support for Donald Trump no matter how minuscule. To me, anyone who supports Donald Trump in any way (no matter how minor) is for fascism and against the U.S. Constitution and I consider such support to be a slap in the faces of all those who fought and even sacrificed their lives during World War II in order to stop fascism. In short, as this Rolling Stone magazine headline says, if you support Donald Trump, you are unpatriotic.

If Donald Trump somehow gets elected president, I will either join a resistance movement similar to the White Rose and French Resistance movements during World War II or I’ll be among the first wave of American refugees crossing the border into Canada. (I have three acquaintances who live in eastern Canada. Two of them live in Montreal while the third lives in Ottawa. All I have to do is inquire about temporarily sleeping on one of their couches until I can get back on my feet after I cross the border.) I’ve read too much history of what Germany went through with Hitler’s Third Reich and, to be blunt, I refuse to be a party to anything like that. Just reading the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller is enough for me to refuse to ever do anything that would benefit a fascist Trump Administration. Even Uncle Sam the Eagle doesn’t want anything to do with Donald Trump.

I was heartened to hear that the hacktivist group Anonymous is going after Donald Trump in a way that’s unfolding in real time on Twitter under #OpTrump and they’ve even released this video.

This all brings back memories of last year’s Justice For All March in downtown DC where the protest route went past the Old Post Office Building, a historic building that the GSA, in its infinite wisdom that will have you go “WTF?!?”, decided to let Donald Trump convert it into a very expensive luxury hotel. Someone who was dressed like he was an Anonymous sympathizer made his own mark at the giant oversized Trump sign that now covers the front of the Old Post Office Building.

Justice For All March in Washington, DC
Justice For All March in Washington, DC

Justice For All March in Washington, DC
Justice For All March in Washington, DC

It’s so surreal that I’m putting a lot of my hopes on Anonymous to stop Trump from ever reaching the White House but these are not normal times. I’m hoping that they succeed in stopping Trump in his tracks so—in the event of a Donald Trump election victory—I won’t have to make the hard choice of whether to stay in the United States and join a resistance movement or flee to Canada as a refugee.




Well, anyway, if you need a gift idea for someone who doesn’t like Donald Trump this holiday season, check out my RedBubble shop.