Earlier this year I took a class in how to use Adobe AfterEffects that was held at the Takoma Park Public Library in Takoma Park, Maryland. I was offered the chance to take it again this fall starting in early October so I spent my Tuesday nights going back to the Takoma Park Public Library with the same instructor while I was using Adobe AfterEffects. The class ended nearly a week ago. Here are the results, which I’ve just uploaded on to YouTube.

I did a very short video using stock footage of a bee pollinating a flower while achieving a radio waves effect (similar to this animated logo that used to be featured at the very beginning of all films that were distributed by R.K.O. Pictures). I added a message about the importance of not killing bees because they are very important in pollinating flowers that produce corn, wheat, berries, tomatoes, and other types of fruits and vegetables. I later added some sound effects using iMovie. I was influenced by environmentalists (especially on the local level) who have been waging an awareness campaign because many honeybees have been dying in huge numbers for a variety of reasons that are too numerous to write here but this link provides some background information. Here it is.

The other video I created was more of a challenge. I decided to do a video promoting Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign using mainly text that I transcribed from actual audio files. (I obtained the audio from downloading videos from this playlist that came from the Citizen Media for We the People YouTube Channel.) The most challenging part of making this video was the time factor because it was a short class. But I managed to finish a rough draft of the animation by the end of the last class, which I then exported as a QuickTime file. I later imported it into iMovie where I did some trims and tweaks until the video was in manageable form. I showed it to a few friends and acquaintances who are sympathetic to Bernie Sanders and I’ve gotten rave reviews for this. So, without further ado, here is my Bernie Sanders video.