I spent Thanksgiving Day with family members. I baked this black forest cake that I made from a cake mix that I purchased at Aldi. (All I had to do was add eggs, oil, and water.) The frosting is one of Pillsbury’s canned frostings while the cherries came in a jar. It was incredibly easy to make and my relatives were impressed so it was all good.



The dinner itself was held in the home of one of my cousins. The house in the photos isn’t her home. It belongs to one of her neighbors who have this incredible penchant for putting up a lot of outdoor decorations for every single holiday both major and minor. Here is what it looked like with the Thanksgiving decorations.




My cousin owns two dogs and one cat. She used to have two cats until last month when one of them, Cookie, suddenly died. While the dogs seemed normal, her remaining cat, Purdy, has taken Cookie’s death very hard. I wrote about Purdy a few months ago about how she seemed to act like she’s the queen of the home and I even took this photo.


I generally saw Purdy more than Cookie, who was a very shy cat whom I only saw when he was darting from one hiding place to another. Despite the different personalities, Purdy has pretty much changed since Cookie’s death. My cousin told me that the cat tends to hide more and there are times when she will go outside and start meowing as if she’s calling out to Cookie. Both Purdy and Cookie arrived at the home as kittens within a few weeks of each other 15 years ago. Even though they weren’t biologically siblings, they treated each other as if they were. When I was at the home I didn’t see Purdy in her usual roosting places (either on a couch or in an empty box) and she was in hiding. She only emerged once while meowing forlornly. Only time will tell whether Purdy will get over Cookie’s death and resume her normal regal habits.

Overall I had a nice Thanksgiving Day visit and I enjoyed myself.