Friday the 13th

All this week people such as Republican presidential candidate (and total buffoon) Donald Trump have been getting their panties in a twist over the fact that Starbucks have decided to release a red coffee cup for the holidays.

First of all, if your faith is heavily dependent on what some coffee shop chain (or any other type of chain stores for that matter) does for the upcoming winter holidays, then maybe your faith isn’t that strong to begin with. Real people of faith can care less about what Starbucks does to its coffee cups.

Secondly, people are acting as if the new Starbucks coffee cup is some kind of kick in the face of traditional Christmas. Here’s a newsflash: Starbucks is using a red coffee cup. Red is one of the traditional Christmas colors and it has been that way for a very long time. Don’t believe me? Check out what color outfit Santa Claus wears. Visit a store selling Christmas decorations and see how many of these ornaments, lights, and other types of decorations use the color red.

And, finally, today I’ve heard some really grim news that makes all this upheaval over the Starbucks Christmas cup seems stupid and ridiculous at times. As I’m typing this there has been a horrible series of terrorist attacks that have struck Paris. Some people have been taken hostage. The entire nation has closed its borders. This is deadly serious stuff that makes all this crying over the color of Starbucks’ coffee cup seem trivial and stupid.

Of course all this shit is going down in Paris on Friday the 13th.

I’m typing this in the Market Cafe area at Wegman’s and the nearest TV is tuned to MSNBC. When I first entered I saw President Obama give a press conference on the situation in Paris, which is what you’d expect from a leader. The channel is now showing footage of all the emergency vehicles driving all over the place in Paris and people stop by the screen to take a look at all of the carnage that’s currently unfolding live.

If you’re mourning over a stupid coffee cup, you are totally pathetic and you need to get a life. If I only had magic powers, I’d send Donald Trump and all of those other whiners over to Paris so they would have a real reason to cry.

I’ll just end this rant with a cute video of puppies and piglets playing together. It sure beats all the horror that’s currently going on in this world.