Homeless Woman in Wheelchair at Safeway

A few weeks ago I saw this sad homeless woman in a wheelchair panhandling outside a local Safeway in the Washington, DC area. I gave her a few bucks before I shot this photo from behind. It shows how little the U.S. government even gives about homelessness ever since Ronald Reagan was elected back in 1980.

I’m old enough to remember when I rarely saw homeless people aside from the occasional bag lady that I would see sit on a bench in Baltimore prior to 1980. Now they are a more common site and, to be blunt, neither the Democrats nor Republicans even pretend to give a damn about the homeless anymore as the crisis continues to grow.

This is another reason why I wrote that rant on Labor Day where I’ve decided that I would vote for Bernie Sanders in the primaries and if he doesn’t get the nomination, I will vote third party. Both political parties are corrupt and dominated by corporations. Neither gives a damn about the average person. (Exhibit A: As of this writing, none of the Wall Street people responsible for tanking the economy back in 2008 have been arrested, much less seen a day in jail. This is not only the fault of George W. Bush but also Barack Obama’s fault as well. So much for President Obama’s message of hope and change in his first presidential campaign.) The sooner the average American realizes this and rises up against this sick and twisted status quo, the better off this country will become.

And maybe people like this woman in the wheelchair will have a roof over her head.