This morning I received an e-mail from someone about this blog and it’s so obvious that this person hadn’t bothered with taking the time to read even a single post from it before sending it. I totally laughed when I received it. Here’s the e-mail in its entirety, without any kind of editing from me whatsoever.

Hello Kimstark ,

My name is Beth Jackson. We’re doing work to help people get latest news/updates from Trucking industry about Health, Fitness and benefits.

We developed a website that you can visit at You can read latest news, tips, find great articles on Health, diet of Truckers and other trucking information.

In order to help people, I want to ask if you’d be willing to add to the resources/links section of your website, We think your visitors would find it valuable, and we’re appreciative of anything you can do to help people get latest news on health and fitness of truckers.

Thank you for your consideration,

Beth Jackson

Wow. Just wow. If anyone with some semblance of a brain were to read at least three or four of my recent posts, you’d know that this blog has absolutely ZERO to do with the trucking industry.

What’s even more laughable is that this site wants me to add a link to a page that’s about how truckers can stay healthy to a post I wrote way back in 2012 about how I attended the third and final day of Otakon. Here’s the thing, Otakon has nothing to do with truckers or the trucking lifestyle. It’s the annual anime convention that’s usually held in Baltimore and it’s one of the largest conventions of its kind on the East Coast. But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can see for yourself at

I went back to that original page to see if there were anything I mentioned that would led these people to believe that this post I wrote back in 2012 would be the perfect place to add a link to a page about truckers’ health. I scanned it a few times and, no, there’s nothing in that post that makes even the slightest references to trucks or health of any kind. That post discussed a panel on Asian ball-jointed dolls, another panel on Japanese rock music, a room where all kinds of games (board games, card games, and video games) were available for convention-goers to play, and photos of cosplayers whose costumes I liked enough to ask if I could take their picture. On top of it, that e-mail wanted me to add a link to a list of resources/links that they said was on that post that I wrote back in 2012 but, if you were to read that post for yourself, I included no such list on that post. It was all about what I saw and did on the third and final day of Otakon back in 2012. That’s it.

Either the people behind that e-mail have either confused this blog with a different one, they were drunk or stoned when they stumbled across my 2012 post, or they have problems with such simple things as reading comprehension. Sheesh!