The entire Baltimore-Washington, DC area has been swamped with constant rain for nearly a week now. On top of it, everyone is waiting to see where on earth Hurricane Joachim is going to hit next. It has already not only pounded the Bahamas pretty hard but a cargo ship that happened to be in the area at the time is currently lost.

On top of it, Charleston is getting hammered with floods but Joachim isn’t causing it. No, a separate storm has decided to dump so much rain that the downtown area is now flooded. My ex-husband’s nephew and his family live there. I’ve seen Facebook postings from his wife and it seems like they are okay for the time being. (They live in the suburbs and they are a bit more inland than the areas that were hit.)

Right now it has stopped raining in my area but the gloomy clouds just stubbornly stay there. I’m really tired of this weather right now.