It’s been raining most of this week while I’ve been battling this nasty cold. I’m currently working a temporary part-time one-hour per week tutoring job on the side but it’s so full of insane behind the scenes drama that I’m not going to renew my contract after the job ends in early December. (The contract I signed prohibits me from going into the details of all the drama here, which is just as well because I’m really not in the mood to write about it any way.) On top of it there’s now the imminent arrival of Hurricane Joaquin and I’m reading conflicting information on the Internet as to whether it will directly hit the Washington, DC area or bypass it.

Either way it’s still going to have lots of heavy rain all weekend long. There have been scores of cancellations of various outdoor festivals and events in both Baltimore and DC that were originally scheduled for this weekend. Today the public schools closed because of uncertainties over the coming hurricane.

So I’m just sitting here waiting for Hurricane Joaquin.