In 2004 George W. Bush was running for re-election as President of the United States. At that time both my then-husband and I were on the mailing list for The group sponsored a contest where each person would submit a political ad to its website explaining why George W. Bush should not be re-elected as president. The idea was that all of the submissions would be posted online for the World Wide Web to vote on. There would be a gradual runoff until a winner was chosen. The winning entry would be used as’s official commercial that year.

I began to toy around with the idea of entering the contest. My then-husband really encouraged me to go for it and he even helped with procuring this John Adams quote that he felt (and I agreed) would be a great way to end the ad.

So I created this piece, Point-Counterpoint, in Flash and submitted it to the contest. I received a letter from saying that my piece was among the few submissions that it would not be posted on its website for people to vote on and there was not specific reason given. I was disappointed to say the least. My then-husband sent an e-mail to asking why they rejected my ad and he got no reply.

Despite my disappointment, I would go on to enter one more contest in 2008. This one was where we had to create a work of art featuring then-Senator Barack Obama and it had to use the Obama campaign themes of patriotism, hope, and unity. Like the other contest, the entries would be displayed online and people would vote on the art that would be on display in this Denver gallery that I later discovered only had 30 available slots and over a thousand submissions. My piece, Hope and Unity for Barack Obama, fared slightly better than my Flash ad from four years earlier in that people could actually see my work online and even vote for it but it didn’t make it anywhere.

I haven’t entered any other contest since because I now think those contests are too much of a waste of time.

I originally created Point-Counterpoint in Flash but I have recently remastered it in HD. I used one of YouTube’s free songs for the background music. So, without further ado, here is Point-Counterpoint.