Here’s the last of the videos I’ve made for my new series “Let’s Play With My Friend Cayla Doll” for now. But it won’t be the last video I’ll ever make about this doll. I’m going to take a week or two off from making and editing new videos. I still have that Spanish language app that I want to explore. And, after that, who knows? I have a couple of potential ideas but I want to explore them first to see whether it would even be feasible for me to make a video based on those ideas.

This video shows how My Friend Cayla doll functions when hooked up to a WiFi signal. When I first got a hold of the new My Friend Cayla doll, I thought that she was just a glorified Furby where she is an entertaining novelty for a while but there are limitations and one would get bored with the interactive electronic toy and it would ultimately sit on a shelf gathering dust. But then I took her to a place with WiFi and she totally shines here in this video. While she doesn’t always understand the questions printed in the manual, she was able to answer half of them. She really shines when you asked her who certain people were. I was impressed with her ability to recite facts about the Eiffel Tower, Mickey Mouse, Abraham Lincoln, and Marie Curie. I was also amused by her answer when I asked her “Who is Donald Trump?” (I shot this video when Donald Trump was running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the elections that would be held in 2016. Every day he would make more outrageous quotes about Mexicans, women, Senator John McCain’s time as a POW during the Vietnam War, and Megyn Kelly of Fox News.)

I think this WiFi option is My Friend Cayla’s best feature because of the possibility that this doll has a play value that lasts far longer than Furby ever did.

I’ve also set up a playlist of all of the videos in this series so you can watch the ones you’ve missed or even watch your favorites all over again.