Today I’ve uploaded the second video in my new series about my experiences with the My Friend Cayla interactive doll.

This one is known as the “opening” or “unboxing” videos. These kinds of videos have long been made by those in both the Asian ball-jointed doll and American Girl doll fandoms. (One recent example, which has just been uploaded a couple of days ago, is an American Girl doll fan opening the box of the newest BeForever historical character, Maryellen Larkin, who’s supposed to represent the 1950’s.) Since My Friend Cayla is the same size as an American Girl doll, I’d thought that such an opening video would appeal to the fans of that doll. Here it is.

If you’re more interested in the interactive capabilities, don’t worry. I have a few such videos in the pipeline and they will be eventually uploaded.

I’ve also set up a playlist of all of the videos in this series so you can watch the ones you’ve missed or even watch your favorites all over again.