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Another week went by with no new video tutorials from Ady Almanza. I don’t know what’s going on with her. I checked her Facebook page and it looks like she’s churning out new art on an almost daily basis. It has been a month and a half since she has uploaded the third tutorial in what she said as a 10-part free video workshop. It’s too bad because I’ve learned a few new techniques, like how one can mix waterproof ink with acrylic paint. The last lesson she did before she went on that still-ongoing hiatus was pretty novel in that we used scrapbooking supplies to render doll hair instead of just drawing or painting it. I was looking forward to more such lessons then she quit. A few weeks ago I contacted her about it and she said that she was going to resume her video workshops soon but I guess that she has a personal definition of “soon” that’s far different than my own. (LOL!)

In any case I had only one more extra page that I could use to wing it (due to the fact that I chose a baby board book that had more pages than the one that Ady Almanza uses in her tutorials) so I did. Here’s the page before I worked on it.


Here’s the page after I finished.


While my last two Doll Dreams entries were done using all acrylic paints, for this piece I decided to return to the combination of ink and acrylic paint that I did on earlier pages. I painted the background silver because this doll looked so chic and trendy that I felt that she would be well suited for a background that was flashy. Going through Ady Almanza’s work, I realized that she doesn’t have a lot of anthro drawings posted online so I decided to do one. It’s based on one of my dolls who is an anthro dog.


As for the doll who served as the model for this piece, her name is Pinkie Cooper and she’s 1/6 scale, meaning that she’s around the same scale as Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz and other dolls of their ilk. Pinkie is a few inches shorter than Barbie but I think she may be around the same height as Barbie’s sister, Skipper. (I don’t have a Skipper doll to compare her with so I’m not 100% certain on this.) She’s jointed in her elbows but her legs are perfectly straight so she can’t bend at the knees unlike other dolls her size. She was a doll that went on sale at Target but she only lasted one year (probably due to poor sales). I think it’s a shame that she never caught on because she is so incredibly cute and very unique.



There have been ball-jointed anthro dolls for years but they are made from resin and prices usually start at $100. Pinkie Cooper was the one anthro doll whose price was far more accessible to more people in terms of price and the fact that they were readily available in places like Target and Toys R Us. I purchased my Pinkie Cooper doll for $12.99 at Target and she came in a basic no-frills package. There was also a deluxe version priced at $25 but she was in a larger and fancier package that included one extra outfit and a pet dog with a collar and a leash that Pinkie could walk. I have to admit that the idea of an anthro dog owning another dog as a pet—albeit one that looked more like a typical real-life dog than Pinkie—is a strange situation not unlike Mickey Mouse being friends with one anthro dog (Goofy) while keeping another dog that acts more like a typical canine as a pet (Pluto).

The most distinguishing feature about Pinkie Cooper is that her hair-like ears are removable. One side of her ears is blonde.


While the other side is brunette.


You can flip the ears around so that Pinkie can display either the blonde side or the brunette side (as in the next photo).


Pinkie Cooper had two other female friends in her line who were also anthro dogs like her and they were just as cute as Pinkie. Like I said before, this doll only lasted one year before she was discontinued but you can easily find Pinkie and her friends on eBay for relatively reasonable prices.

On that note, I’m going to say that now that I have filled all of the extra pages, I’m going to put aside this project until Ady Almanza resumes her video tutorial series. I don’t know when she’s going to do it so I can’t really provide an exact date on when you’ll see new work in my Doll Dreams Book. I’ll give her until the end of this year to upload some new tutorials before I decide what to do next.

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