Dear IX Daily,

I’m writing in reference to your recent article about filmmaker Dan Bell’s short documentary about a street performer known as Britney Girl Dale. Having seen it myself and having seen Britney Girl Dale in person a couple of times, I can understand why you’d devote an article about it while embedding the video.

The issue I have is with the photographs accompanying your piece, which implies that they are all stills from the film. In the case of one such picture, I definitely know it’s not a still from that movie.

The Protesters March Along Gay Street

The main reason why I’m sure about this is because I was the one who took that picture. I shot that photo of Britney Girl Dale and her friend, Anthony, at the May Day Black Lives Matter march in Baltimore, which was a major protest over how the Baltimore police brutally killed Freddie Gray. (I even wrote a post about that day if you want to know the context in which I shot that photo.) Dan Bell did not include any footage of that protest in his documentary. (I think he may have been done with filming his documentary at the time.)

In addition, Dan Bell shot his documentary entirely in black and white while my photo and the other still photos you used in your post are in color.

I uploaded that photo (along with all the other photos taken that day) on my Flickr account. Granted I made an embed code available for anyone who wanted to embed that photo into their own websites or blog posts. But when I clicked on my photo in your post, I found that you didn’t use the embed code at all. Normally when one embeds a photo from Flickr elsewhere on the web, if one clicks on that photo, it immediately goes to the Flickr site where the photo is originally posted. However, when I clicked on my photo on your site, I found that it didn’t do anything.

It’s obvious that you took a screenshot of my photo from my Flickr account then uploaded it on your site without giving me proper credit or even a link to my Flickr account. You did the same to the other photographs on your site. Two of the photos I recognized came from The Baltimore Sun‘s article about Britney Girl Dale. Unfortunately I can’t identify the photographer(s) who took the other photos on your post.

I’ve already notified The Baltimore Sun about the theft of their photographs on your site. You need to either properly identify the photographers or remove the still photos from your page because what you’re doing is unethical.


Kim (a.k.a. Sagittarius Dolly)