A few days ago I received my first order on Fiverr.com where I would mention someone’s art site in this blog. I had just finished this entry, uploaded it on to this blog, and scheduled this entry to go live at this time today. Instead you are reading this post without any mentions of that site. Why? Because that person cancelled on me at the very last minute. A few hours after I uploaded and scheduled this post to go live, I received an e-mail from Fiverr.com about the cancellation. I would’ve finished this piece about a day or two before the deadline so it wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do that caused this person to cancel that order so abruptly.

It’s too bad because I had written a positive review about that site, which specialized in art that catered to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. The art was so nice to look at that you didn’t have to believe in Feng Shui in order to appreciate it. The price was moderate range in that the cheapest I saw was a clearance sale item for $75. The bulk of the art ranged from $150-300 a piece, which makes it cheaper than buying very high-end art (which can frequently cost over $500) but way more upscale than what you’d find at Target. Yet the art on that site was much nicer than the art that you’d find in Target’s Housewares section.

I’m totally annoyed because I ended up spending time on this project when I could’ve used it on other things that I need to do with my life. Then when the person cancelled just after I scheduled this post to go live the night before, I had to spend more time rewriting it in order to eliminate all links and references to that site. (There was no way in hell I was going to leave the review written as is since that person caved in on me like that. I refuse to let such a person get free publicity through this blog after he/she abruptly cancelled.) Since this project was through Fiverr.com, I was only going to get no more than $5 any way so it’s not like I lost major money. (In fact, Fiverr.com takes a cut of each commission so I would’ve earned $4.)

So here’s a short rant about a cancelled order instead of an actual review. I hope people on Fiverr.com aren’t that flaky because, otherwise, I will seriously consider closing my account. (I had only taken an account in the first place because a career counselor I consulted recommended it, even though I was reluctant to do so due to the low pay of no more than $5 per order.)

UPDATE (August 13, 2015): There was a major snafu with Fiverr.com. I didn’t realize that TWO people had ordered my services through Fiverr.com so I thought only one person had ordered my services. Strangely I didn’t even get the second order until I got a request to cancel it and I assumed that it was the first order who cancelled. So imagine my surprise when Fiverr.com sent an e-mail saying that I was late! Had the Fiverr.com server sent the second order when it was originally made, I would have not assumed that the site specializing in Feng Shui was the one who had cancelled on me. Grrrrr!!!!

In any case, you can now read my online review of the site that specializes in art that reflects Feng Shui right here.