Unless you’ve been living in a cave, chances are that you already know that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is running for President of the Democrat Party ticket so I don’t need to go into details as to who he is and stuff like that.

For many reasons that would warrant a separate post, I decided to check out one of many the house parties that took place nationwide in order to support Bernie Sanders’ run for the White House. The home in question was located in my neighborhood and I even managed to run into a couple of people whom I’ve known for a while, which was kind of nice.

I knew I arrived at the right address when I saw this written with sidewalk chalk by some of the neighborhood kids.


The next photo shows the buttons, stickers, and bumper stickers the attendees could pick up.


Someone had passed this stuffed bear around. Apparently the Vermont Teddy Bear Company had created this limited edition bear based on Bernie Sanders (which is appropriate given that Sanders is the Senator from Vermont and all of the bears are made in Vermont, which also fits in with Sanders advocating bringing back jobs to the U.S.). When I was there, I was told that the Bernie Sanders teddy bear sold out pretty quickly. (The company has since made more of these bears to sell.) The bear is pretty cute, as you can see in the next picture.


We socialized for a while until it was time for a live Internet broadcast of Bernie Sanders’ speech. He was at a house party that was held in the Anacostia area of Washington, DC (the area where I live). A couple of local activists spoke first then Bernie Sanders gave this speech.



The speech is now available online so anyone who couldn’t make it to any of the house parties can still view it.

When I arrived back home, I started to read this brand new book that’s a reprint of several issues of the 1970’s Howard the Duck comic book series. (It’s the book that I purchased with some of the $75 that I won playing Bingo a few weeks ago.)


That night I realized that I had read up to the classic 1976 “Howard for President” issue where the duck actually ran for President of the United States on the fictional All-Night Party.

Howard The Duck -8.jpg
Howard The Duck -8” by “Howard the Duck #8”. Grand Comics Database. Retrieved 2008-09-20.. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

He would’ve made it all the way to the White House if it weren’t for some fabricated scandal that…well, you’ll have to read the book for yourself if you want to know more about that story. It’s pretty appropriate that I started reading the “Howard for President” issue after I returned home from that Bernie Sanders house party.