Recently I was visiting a friend at his work at the Takoma Park Public Library in Takoma Park, Maryland when I came across this interesting art exhibit by a local artist named Steven Robinson. As his artist statement posted at the library says:

I make my own work from start to finish. The basis for each piece of mixed media is one to four of my photographs overlooking Sligo Creek. Using traditional knife and graphic art techniques, I cut, mold, and contour paper copies of the photos into three-dimensional relief to characterize flowers, leaves, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and crustaceans. I embellish them with glass and mineral pieces to depict eyes, antennae, legs, wings, stamens, and pistils. Some pieces stand alone; others are mounted in shadow boxes that serve as a frame.

As you can see the results are amazing.








The exhibit is scheduled to go on through the fall. Anyone living in the Baltimore-Washington, DC metropolitan area who wants to look at it in person and/or buy it should go to the library itself. As for anyone wanting to buy his art but lives out of the area or even locals who want to view more from this artist, check out his website.