With all the hype about the killing of Cecil the Lion, I decided to try selling my art, Revenge Against Kendall Jones, on eBay. Even though it was originally a lampoon of Kendall Jones and her fascination with hunting animals for sport, it is definitely timely because 1) it features a lion and 2) it’s a statement on trophy hunting in general, regardless of who’s doing the actual animal killing.


You can read this post from last year if you want to learn more about the making of this piece. It measures 5 inches x 7 inches (13 cm x 18 cm) so it’ll fit most homes, apartments, and college dorms. It has been decoupaged on a thick block of wood so one can even display it on a tabletop, desktop, or on a mantel. If you prefer to hang it on a wall, there are two eyelets with hanging wire in the back so you can display it, just like when this piece was displayed at last summer’s Station North Salon Show in Baltimore.


I’m selling this on eBay for a minimum $10 bid. I decided against listing this on Etsy again given the bad experience I had from the rabid Kendall Jones fans as well as Etsy turning a blind eye towards a complaint I filed against a guy who pretended to buy my piece only to never pony up the money. (You can read all of the gory details right here.)

I slightly altered the title to eliminate Kendall Jones’ name mainly because I’m hoping to deter her rabid fans from going after me and also because the issue of trophy hunting is far larger than Kendall Jones. She is not the only trophy hunter in existence, only the most notorious because she plastered photos of herself cuddling with the animals she killed on social media, which resulted in outrage and a series on YouTube that’s sponsored by Remington. The fact that I used a lion to wreak revenge in my piece makes it even more timely given what happened to poor Cecil.

I’m pricing it at a minimum $10 bid so take a look at it right here.