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For the third week in a row there have been no new instructional videos from Ady Almanza. I don’t even know what on earth is going on.  I knew that she was on a two-week vacation to France but I’d thought it would be over by now. I still have extra pages in my book so I decided to wing it once again by creating original doll-themed art that have nothing to do with those tutorials.

For this week’s session, I decided to try something different. Looking through Ady Almanza’s work, I noticed that all of the ones I’ve seen online have featured only females. I have a few male dolls at home so I decided to do some art featuring one of them.

Red Prince Doll Outfit

This doll is a Fantasy Doll Tobias, a 1/3 scale Asian ball jointed doll that I purchased from the Fantasy Doll website a few years ago. He stands at 60 centimeters/2 feet tall and he’s currently the largest doll that I own. In the above photo he models the Red Prince Outfit that I made from scratch. (For more details on how I made that outfit, check out my post from 2011.) I had him wear that same outfit when I decided to draw and paint him.

Here are the original pages of the children’s board book before I started working on them.


Here are the pages after I finished working on them.


I decided to have him in a sexy pose, which was influenced in large part by the cover of this 1977 Peter Frampton album I’m In You (which I once owned as a teen—I was such a fan of his previous album, Frampton Comes Alive, and the fact that I loved that album cover that I bought it with my allowance money and, well, let’s say that the cover was way more memorable than the music <LOL!>).

I'm In You Album.jpg
I’m In You Album” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

I had a hard time getting my doll in the same exact pose as Peter Frampton on the album cover. I think it’s because of the fact that the fabric of the pants he wore wasn’t very stretchy or accommodating of action poses. So I ended up keeping his legs straight and just have the shirt go partially off his torso so one gets to see part of his chest.

I did the outline in waterproof black ink then switched to acrylic paint for the rest of the project. I applied a thin layer of red glitter glue on his pants. The results weren’t too bad.

I still have a few extra pages left so if Ady Almanza decides to go another week without posting any tutorials online, I can wing it again with original doll-themed art that have absolutely nothing to do with the video lessons.

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