The weekend of July 18-19 were noted as being the hottest days of the year with temperatures soaring to as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit and very high humidity. Fortunately there was some indoor air conditioned fun for me on the first day of that very hot weekend as I decided to go to this Bingo event at the Moose Lodge that’s located outside of Annapolis. It was a fundraiser for my support group for people who are separated or divorced and it was opened to the public.

Before I went to the event, I made a brief visit with my mother since where she’s living is on the way to the Moose Lodge. She’s doing well these days despite her MS. She has a team of very competent professional home health care nurses (all of whom I’ve met at various times) who stop by the house and take very good care of her. I’m very glad that she’s in such good hands. My mother currently lives with my cousin and her family, which includes Purdy the Cat, whom I’ve already written about in a previous post.


Eventually I arrived at the Moose Lodge, which is located in a mostly nondescript white building with the exception of a few touches.




Before I went into the main hall where the Bingo game was held, I went to the women’s restroom, where I saw a few other nice touches as well.



Here are a few photos of the desk and electronic board where the Bingo numbers were called (along with a stuffed moose hanging from the front of the desk).




The admission fee of $35 included lunch (which was basically limited to hot dogs, baked beans, and potato chips) and enough Bingo cards to last an entire afternoon of playing. The fee also included a green ticket for a door prize that would be handed out later that afternoon.


I had a bottle of Bingo dauber ink, which I discovered that I left at home after I arrived at the Moose Lodge. So I ended up forking over an extra dollar to buy another bottle of dauber ink. At least this bottle had a really colorful psychedelic label on it.




There were these Smokin’ Hot cards that were a few bucks extra. At various times the Bingo caller would call out the numbers on these cards. I purchased a few of them but I wasn’t lucky with any of them.



I’ve played Bingo many times over the years at the annual Greenbelt Labor Day Festival. I once played a Bingo game aboard a cruise ship that my then-husband and I took to Bermuda a few years ago. (The grand prize was a free cruise from the same ocean liner. I was one space away from winning until someone else called out “BINGO!”) I also took part in the Bingo Bag Game that was held at the Elks Lodge in Glen Burnie last summer (which also benefitted my support group for people who are separated or divorced). But it was at this event where, for the first time in my life, I actually won something.

This game was a Bingo variant known as 9 x 9. Basically you had to form a perfect square in order to call out “BINGO!” Well, I actually achieved that square and I managed to call out “BINGO!” I won $75 that round. Here’s a photo of my winning Bingo card.


But that wasn’t the only thing I won that day. When it was time for the door prize to be awarded, my ticket number was called out. I won a basket filled with three bottles of wine. For the record, the wine I won was 2013 Vintage Line 39 Petite Sirah made in California (red wine), 2014 Vintage Gnarly Head Pinot Grigio made in California (white wine), and 2014 Vintage Tres Ojos Rosado made in the Calatayud region of Spain (rose wine). Here’s a photo of the basket of wine.


And here’s a closeup of the winning ticket.


I was in a really great mood after winning $75 and a basket full of wine. Since I was in Annapolis anyway, I decided to make a stop by Third Eye Comics just to see if there was anything of interest I could treat myself to with my winnings. It turned out that I found this bound volume that reprinted the original 1970’s Marvel comic book series Howard the Duck. I read one or two issues of it as a child and I never forgot it mainly because of its satire that was similar in tone to Mad magazine. I remember as an adult turning my then-husband on to buying back issues at the old Geppi’s Comic Book Store that was located in Silver Spring and he loved them as well. I thought that mediocre George Lucas movie had forever ruined that series until earlier this year when it was revived. I’ve been reading the new series since I wrote my previous post about how pleasantly surprised I was at seeing Howard the Duck being revived. I find the new series to be pretty good so far (even though only four issues have been released as of this writing) but it’s such a treat to see a reprint of the 1970’s original issues in a bound volume. I paid $35 out of my winnings to get it and I don’t regret it at all.