Not too long ago I learned about the existence of this locally-owned business that specializes in antique toys known as The Toy Exchange. I finally got around to visiting it myself for the first time when I realized that it was located not too far from my therapist’s office so I decided to combine trips by going to that store before my therapy appointment.

That store was packed full of vintage toys, dolls, games, and similar items (some of which dated as far back as the 1950’s). Every shelf space was literally so crammed with toys that I could’ve spent hours just looking over each toy in its inventory (which rapidly changes because they sell online as well).

I took a few photos but, to be honest, this store is better viewed in person. But at least the photos give you an idea of what that store is like.








As I was walking from the store to my parked car (I had gone to the store on my way to my next therapy session) I noticed that, despite the high heat and high humidity that day, it was a very beautiful day complete with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. I couldn’t resist taking this last photo of the Wheaton skyline.