I decided to put up a second gig on Fiverr.com that’s totally different from the other one that I put online just a few days ago (which deals with converting your favorite photograph into a vector graphic). For this new gig, I will mention your arts and crafts in my blog. That post will be at least 100 words and I will try to cap it at 300 words maximum. I will also post up to five graphics of your work in my blog.

I may even do house calls but only if you live in the Baltimore-Washington, DC metro area and you live no more than 15 miles from my home. Otherwise, all transactions will be done online.

Like I wrote in my previous post, I’m only giving Fiverr.com a trial run for about a month to see what happens. I’m also going to limit myself to just these two gigs mainly because I can whip them out relatively quickly and $5 is way too low for me to do time consuming and heavily detailed work. If I don’t get any response at all to either of my gigs after a month, I will shut the whole thing down. So, if you’re toying with the idea of hiring me to promote your work, don’t delay and hire me today.