The Art Doll workshop met for the second month late last month and I attended it once again. While my previous art doll reflected my melancholy sadness over what has happened to me over the last few years (two hip surgeries, the collapse of my marriage, fewer people buying my handcrafted items due to the worsening economy, and my ongoing personal financial issues) this latest one reflected something more positive. The Friday before the workshop there was the historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states of the United States of America. It seemed like rainbows sprouted everywhere both online (I have never seen so many rainbow avatars and icons on the various social media sites in my life) and in real life (as I saw people wear rainbow t-shirts and rainbow clothing).

So I entered Makerspace 125 in a positive frame of mind that day. I saw something pretty unique. Someone had brought in his/her own computer from home to show off this one feature that most computers don’t have. I’ve heard of computers having two operating systems (usually either Mac/Windows or Windows/Linux combinations). But this next photo shows the first computer I’ve ever seen that had three operating systems—Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s nice to have a lot of choice as to what operating system to use, even though having all three on one computer would take a huge amount of both memory and hard disk space.

A Computer With 3 Operating Systems Installed, June 28, 2015     

The next few photos show art dolls that the workshop instructor had previously worked on and brought with  her from her home.

Art Dolls Workshop, June 28, 2015      Art Dolls Workshop, June 28, 2015

Art Dolls Workshop, June 28, 2015The rest of the photos show the art doll I made during that workshop. Like I wrote a few paragraphs ago, I was in a positive mood stemming from the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage. Ironically the Greenbelt Theatre was having a weekend long LGBTQ film festival (which had been scheduled at least a month in advance before the Supreme Court came down with its decision that coincided with the first night of the festival). In fact, I had to leave the workshop a half an hour early because I was supposed to help with ushering for the next showing of the film Cloudburst in exchange for being able to see the movie for free. (The movie was excellent, by the way.) So I worked faster on finishing the doll so I could leave the workshop early. Actually I did pretty well despite the time pressure. (The fact that she was a very tiny doll definitely helped.) I decided to do a rainbow-themed doll but I wasn’t able to find any fabrics or ribbons that even resembled a rainbow. So, as an alternative, I decided to just do a multicolored doll instead. I found this multicolored fabric that did the trick.       Art Dolls Workshop, June 28, 2015

I wasn’t sure what to do for her hair or which color her hair should be. But then I came up with the idea of using strands of different colored ribbons for her hair in order to keep up with the multicolor/rainbow theme I had envisioned for this doll.

Art Dolls Workshop, June 28, 2015        Okay, so I got carried away by using some zebra-striped ribbon for one of the hair strands. (LOL!)       Art Dolls Workshop, June 28, 2015

While the ribbon hair looked great cascading down, it all tended to bunch up at the top. I decided to take a fake flower and glue it on her head upside down in order to create a floral hat.

Art Dolls Workshop, June 28, 2015

Anyway, I had fun creating that art doll and I was satisfied with the result.