Late last night I learned that the U.S. team had won the Women’s World Cup. Sadly I wasn’t able to watch any of the soccer matches mainly because I had my cable disconnected late last year because my cable company started to jack up my monthly bill to over $200 per month. I didn’t even watch that much TV other than Project Runway. Much of the time I had the channel tuned to MSNBC just to get some noise in the home but I was even growing tired of that channel, especially in its practically anointing Hillary Clinton as the next Democratic President of the United States despite the fact that the primaries aren’t even scheduled to begin until 2016. Just the idea that many of the pundits on MSNBC were giving the nod to Clinton in late 2014 shows how lame the mainstream media had become. (I used to like CNN but then it started using all kinds of bizarre gimmicks that hand little to do with its supposed job of reporting on the latest news while, at the same time, it tried to be Fox News lite by hiring right wing pundits like S.E. Cupp while I personally preferred objective anchors just reporting on the news. And don’t even get me started on Fox News, which I can only tolerate when it gets ridiculed on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.)

In a way I don’t even miss not having TV. I still use the 19-inch TV set for things like playing console games (such as Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance) and watching DVDs. It’s only on special occasions like the final match of the Women’s World Cup I feel left out.

I looked into video streaming only to find out that Fox Sports now has the right to broadcast the Women’s World Cup. Their website limited free streaming only to those with cable subscriptions. Otherwise I would’ve had to take out a year’s subscription to Fox Sports, which would be a waste of money since I only cared about one game. There were other sites that offered free streaming but I read online that some of these sites tend to be shady. I attempted one site that offered free streaming only to find that it required me to set up an account with that site and punch in my credit card number (for free streaming?!?). The website promised that the free streaming wouldn’t be put on my credit card but I didn’t trust that site. I decided that I would rather do without than deal with some website putting bogus charges on my credit card.

I could’ve gone to a nearby sports bar but since the game was held on a Sunday night, some bars tend to close early and I didn’t feel like driving around looking for some bar that stayed opened.

In any case, I’m glad that the U.S. team made it to the Women’s World Cup even if I missed out on it. At least I have this Google Doodle to remember that victory by.


There’s always the next one in 2019 but who knows what the state of television and the Internet will be like by then?