American Flag

I’m hoping to catch some fireworks somewhere tonight even though I am concerned about the constant rain forecasts for both today and tonight. (It’s been raining off and on for the last few days and it’s raining very heavily as of this writing.) Otherwise I’m just taking it easy by staying at home and alternating between doing some tidying up at home and searching through some recent photos I took to see which ones I should post in this blog. 🙂

I’m supposed to go to a firework show in Laurel tonight with members of my support group for people who are separated or divorced. That may or may not happen depending on whether it stops raining so heavily like it’s doing right now. (The rain is definitely making a noise on the rooftop.) In any case, since this year marks the five-year anniversary of this blog, I’m going to end this entry by re-posting some photos from past Fourth of July fireworks along with links to the original entries.

Ocean City, Maryland in 2011.

Fireworks, Ocean City, Maryland, July 4, 2011

Television broadcast of a fireworks show in Washington, DC in 2012 (with my Makies doll Victoria standing in front of the screen).

Victoria the Makie Doll on the Fourth of July

Greenbelt Lake in Greenbelt, Maryland in 2013.

Fourth of July Fireworks at Greenbelt Lake, 2013

Greenbelt Lake in Greenbelt, Maryland in 2014.


And here’s a short video I shot at the same event of a drumming circle and the beginning of the fireworks show.