For a while I’ve been trying to figure out ways of getting word of this blog’s existence to more and more readers, with my rationale being that maybe I can 1) get someone interested enough in what I’ve done for this blog that I would be offered a regular job that taps directly into my writing and other creative skills or 2) I would get some people who liked my stuff enough that they would consider buying something from one of my online stores (such as Spoonflower).

One of the sites I decided to check out was While I signed up for an account on that site about two weeks ago, I found that the site was in the midst of a month-long daily blogging experience. NaBloPoMo is similar to NaNoWriMo (which takes place each November), except one is expected to write blog posts on a daily basis for one month instead of writing a whole novel.

BlogHer was in the midst of NaBloPoMo for the month of June. I checked the posts I had uploaded to date and I found that I was already uploading at least one new post every single day that month (I had a lot of material) so I figured that I might as well make it official. So I signed up for that event. As part of the event, I had to provide this link at the bottom of each post then go over to this page where I provided updates on what I wrote and uploaded that day. My first post was pretty long (since I had gotten involved in the middle of the month) but, otherwise, I was pretty diligent about reporting what I wrote every day.

I thought that NaBloPoMo was something that was held only in the month of June (like NaNoWriMo is held only in November). But after participating in this a few weeks, I noticed that there was a Related Posts section where I found NaBloPoMo: Add All Your May 2015 Posts Here, NaBloPoMo: Add All Your February 2015 Posts Here, and NaBloPoMo: Add All Your December 2014 Posts Here. What’s more, NaBloPoMo for July 2015 is now underway.

Basically BlogHer runs NaBloPoMo every single month. My only beef with it is that I honestly thought that NaBloPoMo was an annual event like NaNoWriMo. If they’re running NaBloPoMo every month, it just makes the whole concept of a NaBloPoMo to be less special than it could’ve been had they simply decided to run it either annually or even twice a year. Having it every month is simply overkill in my opinion. The people at BlogHer responsible for NoBloPoMo should really read William Dean Howell’s short story “Christmas Every Day” since it accurately shows the consequences of having something special scheduled way more frequently than once or twice a year.

There’s actually a technical term for this. It’s called The Law of Diminishing Returns. The best example of this is, let’s say, you eat a candy bar. You really loved that candy bar so much that you decide to have a second candy bar. You find that you still love that candy bar but the taste sensation isn’t quite as intense as the first candy bar. You eat a third, fourth, or fifth candy bar in a row and the taste sensation diminishes further and further with each subsequent taste. (That’s not to mention that eating a lot of candy bars in one sitting could lead to side effects like an upset stomach, diarrhea, and increased weight gain.)

Running NaBloPoMo every single month is the same thing because after doing this for one month, I’m personally not inclined to do this again for a long while (or at least for the rest of 2015). I only took part in the June one because I thought it was a cool unique event that was held once a year. My opinion of this new July NaBloPoMo is a big “Meh!” for me since I’ve been there, done that. (I suspect that other bloggers probably feel the same way as I do on this.)

As for myself, it wasn’t too bad writing at least one post every day for a month. Adding the link at the bottom of each entry was pretty easy. Even going to that special page to report on which posts I wrote that day wasn’t too hard at first. It did get a bit arduous towards the end of the month because I grew tired of always logging in what I wrote but I put up with it knowing that it was simply a temporary thing that would end soon.

But since BlogHer runs NaBloPoMo every month, I’m not sure if I’m going to bother with it again because I really can’t plan when I’m going to have enough time or material to write new posts every single day for a month.